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Resigning From USA R RP

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Good Day Everyone,



I have thought hard about this, as for over the past 7-9 months I have really enjoyed playing on this server the most out of all the five m communities. What I have found though is that it really brought back the competitive gamer in me to want more and more. I found myself literally thinking of playing video games over actually going to the gym or going to sports practice… like a lot. It wasn’t till I sat down with my friends the other day that I realized I have literally been playing video games all day and not focusing on some of the goals I’ve laid out for myself in rl (i.e. work, school, hobbies, exercise). So I decided It’s best for me to stop playing cold and go back to the short strategy games here and there to get my mind out of this rpg mind set that sucks you into this 24/7 gamer mindset. This way I can focus on rl classes and things that require a lot of time and study.


I’d like to thank everyone for the fun I’d had seeing USA Realism RP grow into a real powerhouse white listed server. I hope you guys become one of the best someday and to see streamers with hundreds of viewers who all want to get accepted to this server.


After this point I would like to honorably resign from all held positions in the community. Again, I wish everyone the best of luck on all future endeavors.




Sentinel Diesel



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