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I feel this job/role could benefit RP and would be an relatively easy add to the server, due to it's similarity to Weazel News.


Purpose:  A Job for those that want a slightly Law Enforcement feel, with more RP elements and less of the "hardcore" cop mechanics.


Functionality & Limitations:


This job must be fairly heavily vetted in order to prevent everyone from running around as a "private detective" for exploitation of benefits.  Must have 100% clean record, must be interviewed by high level law enforcement to be granted access to the role initially.

~Clock-in at police stations around the map

~Allow police lights added to a handful of specified vehicles (emperor, ford crown vic, etc)

~Access to basic police radio frequencies

~Alerts - Weazel News/Police alerts to crime

~Ability to detain, but not arrest unless in presence/under supervision of officer(s) - Unlawful detaining or abuse of detaining will revoke private detective license

~Ability to write reports that will be Clearly labeled as a private detective report (to help keep things separate from normal police business)

~Ability to search/use criminal database for warrant searches, license plate runs, etc

~Ability to bring in wanted criminals (warrants) for bonus rewards

~Access to panic button (clearly labeled differently than normal police so law enforcement can prioritize if police between panic alerts)

~Ping system like Mechanic/taxi for people wanting to meet up privately or alerting private detective to sting-like operations (or setups on the detective)

~Access to stun gun (unlawful use or abuse will revoke private detective license

~Access to map dots of other private detectives (can be toggled on and off if you want other detectives to be allowed or not allowed to see your dot on the map)


Just a quick idea I wanted to throw out there.  Im sure there are more tweaks and ideas for the role, but I think it would bring some new RP and spice to the city.  As well as help keep the criminal elements in check.

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You could just RP now as a private investigator but this might be an interesting idea. A couple of things I do not think that they should have access to secure dispatch channels or emergency lights as they are private investigators not sworn LE. As for clocking in if they were to clock in at a PD I think it would have to be at the front desk and not behind the locked doors. I think this is an interesting idea but it has a lot of room for abuse. 

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