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Cars and Coffee Car Meets

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Hello all. My name is Johnny Oakley and I’m a newer resident of the city. First of all I would like to thank everyone this first time RP player is having a blast and i appreciate the advice and feedback. 

as I work my way thru growing as a mechanic I am ready to put out there my idea of Cars and Coffee meets. 

I am more interested in knowing dos and donts  as I set this up. Like your thread states suggestions. 

My background 

own a home but not the deed as of yet on Ocean Hwy with a friend. I am a recent level 2 mechanic and only 1 car to get me around. 

I have in the past run cars and coffee meets but in console land. In your city I would like to know what my limitations are....


1.) how many people in one section of the city can I have together without crashing your server?I am use to being able to host 15-20 people in the meet and a separate security team (at times) with up to 5 members. The console server can handle 25 people and their cars. 
can we handle 30 people and their cars together in say a parking lot in this city? I know 100 citizens can be available at a time so I wanted to respect the boundaries. 
Side note I have plenty of parking lots I like to use all over the los santos city area depending on how many show up. 

2. Do I need to be a whitelisted member to promote city wide events or this kind of casual event? I haven’t submitted my application yet to be a whitelisted member but I do plan to soon. I get I can send advertisements out when I’m in town but I was hoping to promote a little louder if you will. 

3. Do I need a business to throw this event say monthly or weekly if I’m able to. My goal is to not make an income on this I just want to see what people have made with tools given. I wouldn’t be angry if more cosmetic customizations came around. But I want this to be a cool chill no gang activity type meetings. A safe place if you will to network also. 


in conclusion I am still working on this and anyone who would like to meet up about making this better I am totally open to chatting. And if I’m out of line on trying to promote a car scene let me know also. I will move to a city who wants a part in that culture. 

thanks for your time and I look forward growing my RP

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I'd say, just dm an Admin with your idea and you all can talk about it, and possibly set up a event for everyone. You pick the place etc. And the info about your event will be sent in #server-events in discord, by the admin you dm'd. Also, last time I checked, you can have 100 people at the same spot and it won't crash the server. We usually have a sheeit ton of people at paintball or FFC. 

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