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A quick suggestion regarding the economy

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I don't see anyone else saying much about this, so I guess i'll be the first. I am having a little bit of trouble. At this point in time I feel like there is a lack of stuff to do regarding my criminal character in order to make money. Aside from robberies, drugs, sand, mining and chicken factory we don't have much to do. And for somebody like me, I have a limited amount of time I can even be in the city. I am dedicated, don't get me wrong, But I am finding a lot of issues actually making any money. Now I know what you're thinking "YoU DoN't NeEd MoNEy tO rP" And you're right. you dont. But if you want to do some specific kind, or your character wants to better their situation in the wallet department, we shouldn't need to break character and go trucking or working at a factory to meet that goal. So my suggestion really is: Add more criminal sided stuff. Not big things like heists, just have some sorts of illegal jobs to do. Here are my two ideas:

1 Gun Running; You get a shipment from someone near forum, Carson Ave or Davis to be taken to a specific location. When you pick up the shipment, it comes from an NPC (we could make him lamar) and he marks a location on your map. There you will find another NPC (another option for a side char from story mode) who will get it from you. same concept as cocaine, cops have a percentage chance of getting a tip about it and busting you. Have the payout for this be ~2500 dollars since its a lot of driving and takes time along with the risk. If caught, you are blacklisted from gun running until the next server restart, and you have 3 grand taken from your bank.


2 Car Repo: you find an NPC who sold a car and the loan isn't being paid. he marks a location and you have to steal the car. It is marked stolen, so you have to avoid the cops. if caught, you lose a LOT of money from your bank. If its successful, you'll be given greater in price cars to repo using a "Repo Level" obtained by a successful repo. 

Have this payout 1 loan payment for whatever the car would be (5% of the cars price)


These are just my ideas and opinions. Feel free to share yours below

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3 Drug Smuggling: You basically need to transport drugs from Location 1 to Location 2 through a boat, plane or a car. The payment would simply depend on what drug it is, the amount of it and the distance between Location 1 and Location 2. Drug Smuggling can also work like the Cocaine Sting call and cops can get a notification depending on what time it is etc.

Edited by Travis.
i cant spell
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I think these should 100% be implemented but without the getting caught and losing money. The punishment of getting caught should be the jail time and fine. And rather than losing money if u get caught u should pay a little to start it (like cocaine selling) then you make money back plus some profit. I also +1 to Travis' idea.

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came up with another idea while in school (lmao) what about a chop shop concept where you steal specific vehicles, take them to a location to be fitted with some kind of illegal upgrade that is able to be seen by the cops, and take them to an NPC to turn a profit

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