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Lucas Mason & Anna Lynn Mary Bell v. Travis Williams

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Mr Lucas Mason


Ms Anna-Lynn Mary Bell (Plaintiffs)




Travis Williams(Defendant)


Civil Complaint: 

Plaintiffs, Lucas Mason and Anna-Lynn Mary Bell by and through their undersigned attorneys submit the following as and for their complaint in the above-captioned action.


  1. Preliminary Statement of Claim:

The plaintiffs were gunned down and arrested following a pursuit on 09/08/2020 in Rockford Hills. During the apprehension, Mason and Bell were hiding on a rooftop across from the 24/7 on Ginger St when Travis Williams climbed the ladder to the roof and searched of Mason, Bell and other subjects. Upon reaching the top of the ladder Williams looked over the ledge and is believed to have fired a shot at an officer below who were in an active shooting situation with other subjects from the pursuit. Williams then stood there on the roof and saw Mason and Bell hiding behind a vent. Williams then appeared to use his radio, but Mason and Bell could not hear. Williams made no verbal commands to / or any attempt to make contact with Mason and Bell before immediately firing shots without any communication for either to come out with their hands up.


  1. Parties:

The plaintiffs, Lucas Mason and Anna-Lynn Mary Bell are residents of San Andreas. Travis Williams is an employee of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. General Allegations:

The officer involved in the pursuit used an unnecessary amount of force to stop the plaintiff.

The plaintiffs suffered personal injuries to their spines, lower spines, and neck that required immediate emergency attention.

The officer’s actions amounted to the negligence of the detained suspects.


  1. First Cause of Action:

Due to the defendant’s physical actions towards the plaintiffs led them to both suffer emotional and physical damages in the value of $20,000.


  1. Second Cause of Action:

On the plaintiffs first, cause of action, damages for the defendant’s negligent use of lethal force causing pain and suffering both mentally and physically must be compensated in dollars. Reasonable costs, disbursements and attorney’s fees and such other punitive damages and further relief as may seem equitable to the court.


  1. Preliminary Evidence & Witness List

Lucas Mason

Anna-Lynn Mary Bell

Travis Williams

Medical Records from Ella Fontaine

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Your honor, In the future please ask for my availability. I will not be able to attend at this time. I would also like to ask for the hard evidence that moved this case into discovery as this is nothing more than a he-said she-said case.


The fact this went through that easily with little to no response or investigation fears me for what the future would look like for both The BCSO & SASP.


- Sergeant Williams

Special Services Subdivision BCSO

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@Travis. This is a civil case, not a criminal, so all of that will be heard in court. Also for now that time will stand as the date for trial but if i could get the availabilities from both parties I will see what I can do. 

Please list availabilities @Travis. @Mephistophilis @legos

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