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Roleplay Common Terms

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The aim of this Topic is to gain a list of the most common terms that are used within roleplay.


We were all new to roleplay at one and my god there was so much to learn and take in so why don't we try and help some of the newer people to Roleplay pick up the common terms that are used and what they mean so they don't just stand and look blank faced back at us when we say them. Want to add to this list then just simply make a post with the term and the meaning behind it. Lets help the new people like we were once helped.


I will keep adding to the list under here with edits to my post also we will look at building this into the server info that pop's up when you are new so that people have that first chance.


RP Dictionary Built By The Community 


  • "Going in my head" or "I am just going to think about something"


The player using this term would be going AFK to do something they need to do within real life away from role play there is many different ways this can be said but it will normally follow along this train of though.


  • Body Camera


This should be a term that only law enforcement or EMS are using as per the server rules but normally means they are recording or streaming live on Twitch or similar platform.


  • Look through your eyes and walk back to my voice


This means that you should change your view with the V key on the keyboard and it allows you to be in first person looking through the eyes of the character then you really can walk backwards when done in third person you will not walk backwards you will turn around.

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  • "My eyes are open"

Typically used by non-LEO/EMS to state that they are live, however footage can NOT be used in character unless /e phone, /e camera or anything like that is in play



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  • Tsunami
    Server restart (Every 6h)
  • Terrorist
    Hacker/Modder - "A terrorist attacked me and blew up my car"
  • Brain / Brain issue
    Computer / Computer issue. Multiple interpretations for this one:
    "Go into your brain and set it to low" - Go into settings and change it to low
    "My brain has issues" - My computer has issues
  • Taking a nap / Taking a flight
    Taking a nap or taking a flight basically means exiting the server. If someone is going to take a "Quick nap" they are going to rejoin the server
  • Government website / Email
    Anything that refers to discord will be used with the phrase "Check your email" or "I will send you an email". The government website, is exactly this.
  • Pray to the gods
    Praying to the gods basically means filing a report or using the /help when in game. This could be used when a terrorist attack has occurred that injured you or others.

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  • In my pockets
    Referring to someone's inventory
  • Not feeling 100% 
    This means their health bar (green) is not full or is missing a substantial amount
  • Spiders/bug on you
    A glitch, or a stuck animation. Someone might say "You have a spider on you. You need to jump."
  • Muscle spasm
    Used to refer to a misclick/wrong key pressed
  • Deported
    Used to refer to someone who was banned (for a short time or permanently)

    (I'll add some more as i think of them)

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ooo i forgot about some


  • Headache

Could refer to a legitimate headache, or game is lagging/desync (i.e. "Are you having a headache?" when someones car is teleporting around, or "I'm having major headaches" when your FPS is low/game is stuttering)


  • Alter Ego / Cousin

Alter Ego = Someone with another character that is similar to one character, but different in miniscule ways

Cousin = A players other character, i.e. I have one character, Joshua Hill, who is a cop, and I have another character, Mikaesle Bekanos, who is not a cop, this is an example of cousins.



  • Trunk

This one is relatively obvious but I'm adding it anyways, it is the vehicles invintory


  • Months

USED FOR PRISON SENTENCING Months are equivalent to IRL minutes, 10 months = 10 minutes


  • PDM

Premium Deluxe Motorsport, the car dealership in the city, marked with a red car icon

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Im going to stay away from the ones regarding the “gods” because we aren’t supposed to be mentioning staff within rp whatsoever. 


   Terrorist Attack-

were being hit by modders 


  (I don’t use it but I’ve heard it) “Talking too much”

means you’re hotmicing, stop using voice activity or stop pressing your push to talk


any “muscle”

refers to any key on your keyboard/any command you type.


Remember, never refer to the rules or the staff in any way as that is considered breaking character.

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-You got "Chungus", bro!

Sometimes a player awakens with an improper face. This is RPed as a non-contagious condition. Sometimes it goes away automatically. Sometimes you need to /mask to fix this.

-I got shot by a "Local"!
We refer to the pedestrian NPCs as "Locals" as they live all around us, local to the areas they spawn.


-You Need To "Wash Your Hair"
Again, when awakening, there is a chance your hair will be changing colors. Visiting a Barber Shop is "washing your hair" when for this purpose.


-Whoa dude, I've got "RED EYES" Are you OK?!

Server connection issue, usually noticeable because you can hear voices, but you don't see anyone else move. "Connecting To Server" USUALLY appears in red.

-Uh oh. I think his "Head Popped"
The server completely dropped his connection. He was unable to reconnect without taking a nap, as his game just exited. His red eyes worsened into a "Head Pop".

-"He lost his voice."
He is fixing his Teamspeak plugin, or was unable to fix his teamspeak.


-Jane is "riding the train." We will see her soon.

Jane is in queue to join the server.

-What's your "email address?"
We refer to DISCORD as email.


-That's "Highly Illegal." NEVER do that.

Server rules are treated as special city laws, which cannot be broken under any circumstance.

-Can I have the "Aux cord"?
This is how I ask to play a song while my friend is driving.


-That didn't happen "in my eyes".   -or-   All I can see is Black
Instead of saying "on my screen", we refer to our vision from our eyeballs.

-Go down to the Torso 2 "aisle"      -or-    Look in the sedans "Showroom" I think it's the fifth car.
Use the term "Aisle" when buying from a store menu.       -or-        Use the term "Showroom" when previewing cars.

-You should "Pray" about it.
Praying means using the /help command to get administrator assistance.

-You'll get your money back if you make a "Government report".
Make a post in the forums "Refunds" to get back the money you lost.

-Your car just "Thanosed".

Cars sometimes vanish into thin air.

-Is this your "first time living in a city"?
If you're new to RP, the best way to tell people, is saying you've "never lived in a city before."

-It's scuffed, I'll need a new one later.
Something is broken/bugged (A Car, or a door for example)

Edited by Cory Lahey
Pray, Gov Report, Thanos, Newbie, Scuf

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Frames per second (FPS) is often referred to as blinks within RP. There isn't really any need to mention it in RP but it's sometimes used. 

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