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I was hoping that we can do an only 4V4 gang fights because I think it's not really fair if you have 4 persons in the car and the  other 4 persons call there friends and now its 8v4 and it can keep going 

and I think it might even stop unfair  ratios fights ETC ETC 

  Examples 1. its can be even for both sides they get a fair chance 

                   2. if it happens we are in a shootout we kill the enemies but they got their friends that are not part of it and they try to take their guns I think that not fair if the ratios are good and then 2 more cars that are full come in and help them take their guns so they cant get robbed I think that's unfair ratios they not might be shooting but they help it will be fine if they help but not just to take there guns so they don't lose an ETC ETC. Thank You for looking it to it hope you like it -__-

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I can see where you're coming from and how you may be disappointed/frustrated from unfair gunfights with numbers, but this completely just goes against the 2:1 ratio rule in my opinion. Also, if a "4v4 gang fight" rule were to be established, it can simply be curved around by classifying your "gang" as a group in my opinion, unless this rule would be established for any scenario in general to be only a "4v4". In addition, if you're upset and tired over unfair gunfights from gangs/groups, then simply don't initiate a fight, or back out of one. If you don't like these unfair "gang fights", then don't do "gang RP". If you create a character for the sole purpose of "gang RP", or "Criminal RP", and you join a "gang", you're signing up for these gunfights and "unfair" scenarios to happen. It doesn't go against/breach any rule, and yet it may be "unfair" to go against double the people in some circumstances, but all you can simply do is RP/play the situation better/smarter, and maybe even end it by simply TALKING your way out of it other than SHOOTING your way constantly. In the end, it's all an attempt into "Gang RP"/RP in general which I see never really working unless the mentality and definition of RP is seen differently/changed in most people's perspectives as all I see in "Gang RP" now is OOC complaining, gunplay, and forum reports. Therefore, -1 for this suggestion. :)  

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I understand where your coming from, but the ratios are there to equal it out. because i think if you guys have 8 of you and then there was 4 on the other side you wouldn't mind it. if you believe that having an 8 on 4 is unfair maybe gang rp isn't for your character. because you could have a 8v4 and the 1 guy on the team of 4 could take out 5 of the other guys. its just how you play it therefore i agree with Charlie -1 :)

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This would severely undermine the point of gangs, big gangs should be scary and you should be afraid of more dudes rollin up on you, if you aren't at a disadvantage or scared of incoming blow-back then what's the point of gangs? May as well not bother and just stay in little groups of 4, I have no issue with 8v4 or 4v2 or 5v3 so long as they RP correctly, our problems aren't numbers it's the quality of the RP being delivered.

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I would say if u dont like to be outnumbered then dont get yourself in those possitions. 2v1 is how its allways bin and i would like to keep having it like that. If u dont like to go 4v8 against crims how do u deal with cops? cops can be how many thay want against you, I had a 1v20+ against cops and lost a 110K gun because of it but instead of complaining im learing and the next time ill make shore to be more people instead. So if u dont want to do "as u said 4v8" call some of your friends and make it 16v8 easy peasy. -1

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