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Currently to get into fps you have to spam a key. can we get a code put in for when you do /fps you auto look through your eyes when you aim down sights an when you let go of right click you go back to 3rd person view, and to turn it off you can just do /fps again and you will aim like normal. just thought it would be a nice option to have.


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I'd honestly RP in FPS all the time if the in-car cam had more free movement when driving (and if it wouldnt put me at an EXTREME disadvantage due to being the only one playing in FPS).


I personally believe FPS is the better perspective for realism overall (not having eyes in the back of your head, and a "distant camera" that can watch around corners), and it makes my TokoVOIP sound better. A combat situation, would be the peak of FPS usefulness.


Look on Youtube "Austin Evans Third Person PC Challenge" if you're curious to see how hard it would be to live REAL life in Third Person.

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