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i think another job to add that legal and crim can do is scanning. currently the only way to get iron oxide is chopping cars. cops cry about all the chopping calls since that is the only way to get oxide what if we add scanning in at the like certain areas of the map. the beach the woods  etc and you take a scanner and have to find it some times you find random shit like you get when you do mining gold, silver and other ores some times you get oxide lock picks pistols. if a legal person finds a pistol they can turn it into the police for a reward. Just adds in some variety 

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I think this would be excellent. The only thing I'd personally add to this.. Add useless scrap metal with varying low value (Aluminum is lightweight, Copper is heavy, worth the same per pound).
Perhaps purpose a metal fabrications plant which purchases these metals (or add it to the locations relating to mining).

Perhaps a good start to the "loot-tree" in this sort of activity could resemble (and vary based on location):
80% - Low value scraps
8% - Valuable minerals
7% - Money (valued up to $69)
2% - Lockpick
2.5% - Useful Minerals
0.5% - Scratch Pistol

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