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Quantity of Grenade Objects

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So GTA 5 was built that you could hold a total of 25 of throwaway explosives like tear gas and molotovs. In the server, one molotov and one tear gas in your inventory gives you 25 total of each in your weapon wheel. In which, I feel that it should be changed (if possible) for it to be one molotov = one molotov in your weapon wheel as many people abuse the 25 molotovs and spam it in certain situations which is super unrealistic given the circumstances they're in, and once they're done with their 25 molotovs they just drop it and pick it back up giving them another 25 molotovs to chuck. Therefore, personally, I feel this should be changed. 

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Additionally a good point to bring up in this discussion is the abundance of ammunition.


I think the amount of bullets people are able to dish in a single firefight (and general) should be limited, and for people to have to pay for their ammo would also add another money sink to the game and developers know there can't be too many of those, virtual economies inflate easily. 


Limits on ammunition would also help prevent GP>RP and DMing, even if only slightly.


Magazine capacity times 3, or so.

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