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Inventory code optimization desperately needed?

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I can be having a perfectly smooth frame rate and nothing really bogging my game down, but when I open the inventory and start trying to drag stuff, the inventory interface -- not the rest of the game, just the RRP inventory part -- crawls. I drag an item from, say, a vehicle to my pocket, and the actual dragging animation (an icon moving across the screen) will either A) not take place if I release the mouse button, because it's (seemingly -- my interpretation here) checking to see client-side if I'm still holding the button down before displaying the drag animation, or B) take a *very long time* to drag across if I hold down the mouse button waiting for the interface to respond.


I think that the interface is waiting for data from the server in either situation, and it just happens, at those times, that that's probably when my Internet connection is bogged down, rather than a performance problem with my computer itself. But that's just my guess! It *feels* like, when I'm taking something from my vehicle into my pockets, and I start the drag, the inventory code is like IS THE ITEM STILL THERE IS THE ITEM STILL THERE IS IT IS IT IS IT IS IT HOW ABOUT NOW -- doing a million unnecessary checks instead of just like, freezing the inventory state while I'm in a drag operation, sending the "move item x to inventory y location z" command with a "is it still available" check just before. I don't know. Something needs optimized badly.

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