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Brynn Gallagher's Backstory

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Name: Brynn Gallagher

Birthday: 07/02/93

Bio: Brynn was born to a low-class American mother and upper-class British father. He lived with his mother in America for the first several years of his life. She was a sickly woman, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia which made it impossible for her to hold down a job. Brynn did his best to take care of her, as well as a child can, and it was this period of his life that spawned such a caring and sympathetic nature in him. But when he was eight years old things took a turn for the worst: his mother, in the midst of a manic episode, attacked him with a kitchen knife. This incident caused the creation of Fox, Brynn's first alter, who took over and managed to help Brynn escape, only suffering defensive wounds across his forearms in the process. Brynn has no memory of this incident.


After this, Brynn was taken from his mother by the state, and she was committed to a mental institution. Brynn was eventually transferred to the custody of his father in Britain. His father was a wealthy business man, who spent most of his time in England, but also had a home in America, so Brynn was still able to visit the states from time to time with him. Brynn's time there was almost the polar opposite of his time with his mother: far more stable and predictable, but spent mostly alone or under the watch of the housekeeper. It was not uncommon for him to go days at a time without seeing his father, and when he did, their interactions were usually brief and cold. It was at some point during these years that his second alter, Charles, manifested.


When Brynn turned eighteen he decided to move back to the states. His father paid his way, silently thankful to be rid of the child he never wanted, and gave him a small savings to start him off. Upon returning to the states, Brynn sought out his mother, only to learn that she had died some years earlier while in the care of a mental hospital. Brynn used the money his father had given him to attend college, planning to eventually attend medical school. During the course of his schooling, however, one of his Psychology professors picked up on some of the signs of Brynn's condition, and recommended him to a therapist. Brynn went - at this point only aware that he would sometimes black out and lose chunks of time – and after many sessions, was eventually diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.


This development made it become quickly apparent that Brynn would not be applicable for medical school, and the combination of both realizations sent him into a spiraling depression, forcing his alters to take over almost entirely for a number of years. During this period of time, Fox began taking work as a private investigator, while Charles began investing Brynn's money into stocks and bonds. The third alter, Sharona, came along during these years, awakened shortly after Brynn was mugged during one of his brief stints of consciousness.


Brynn and the alters recently decided that a change of environment was needed, as his mental state seemed to be improving only somewhat, and much slower than desired, and began a road trip with an unknown destination, looking only for some place to call home. They recently arrived in Los Santos, and are considering sticking around, but only time will tell...





Name: Brynn Gallagher

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Alignment: Lawful Good

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Physical Indicators: Doesn't do much with his hair. Usually in jeans and a t-shirt. Often withdrawn posture, as if trying to make himself smaller.

Typical Walk Style: Cop 3

Info: Brynn, the original personality, is very meek, and the most passive of the alters. He is also the most sympathetic and kind, driven by the need to help people. He is much more naive than the other alters in most ways, and a complete introvert. He also struggles with anxiety and chronic depression.



Name: Fox Lander

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Alignment: Neutral Good

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Physical Indicators: Usually wears his hair in a ponytail, and favors long coats. Confident posture and mannerisms.

Typical Walk Style: Franklin

Info: The most charismatic of the alters, Fox is outgoing and charming. He is the dominant alter, arguably the most stable of them all, and controls when the different alters take control. He is also the most protective of Brynn, not that any of them would directly attempt to harm him. He is a private investigator, and the main source of income. Fox usually comes out when Brynn has to tackle important social interactions, especially when experiencing extreme anxiety.



Name: Charles Hargreaves

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Physical Indicators: Neatly groomed, wearing glasses and business attire. Rigid posture.

Typical Walk Style: Confident

Info: Charles is more or less a manifestation of Brynn's own father. He is the oldest of the alters, and is very cold and apathetic, caring far more for business and studies than for people. He has no attraction to other people, romantically or sexually. Charles usually takes over when Brynn is in a situation that needs to be handled academically as opposed to emotionally.



Name: Sharona Clark

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but Aromantic

Physical Indicators: Usually wears her hair messy or styled for a “night out”. Sensual, feminine posture and movements.

Typical Walk Style: Default Female

Info: The most chaotic of the group, Sharona is the newest and only female alter. She is pugnacious and unpredictable, and enjoys simply having fun, whatever form that takes. She has a strong temper, which easily turns savage, and typically comes out when Brynn is stressed or finds himself in physical danger he can't run away from. She is attracted to men, but has no real desire for romantic relationships, possibly even for social ones, past what they can do for her.


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