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Legal Update - Arraignments, Bail, and MORE Oooh My!

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Howdy Los Santos!


I wanted to take a few minutes and chat w/ you about a couple of changes we have been working on w/ the legal system.  We want you to always have the option to “fight” your charges.  We recognize that in the past this was very difficult as it required finding legal representation being put on long holds etc etc..  


We have placed a few things in the city that we are still working on but should help combat this.

  • Arraignments
    •  If you are arrested and do not agree or want to fight your charges (doesn’t matter how big or small) then please inform the officer that you would like to fight the charges and would like an arraignment.
    •  The officer will place you on an “Up To” 24 hr hold and notify the judges who will make arrangements to come and complete your arraignment (virtually on telecom or in city) within that time frame.
    • The purpose of the arraignment:
      •   Make sure you know your rights
      •   Make sure you understand the charges and possible time / fine
      •   To take your plea on each charge (guilty, not guilty, no contest)
      •   Set Bail
    • For this step don’t be afraid to do this w/ out a lawyer but its ultimately your call
    •  DA is also optional as the arresting agency can fill in as the prosecuting party at this point.
  • Bail
    • In order to ensure that we aren’t keeping people locked in jail forever while waiting on the court system we have implemented a bail system.
    • Once arraigned you may be able to be released on bail pending the outcome of your court case. 
    • While out on bail certain conditions could be applied by the judge (including but not limited too)
      •  No arrests else forfeit bail (go to jail)
      • $$ to be surrendered to the court and held pending outcome and forfeited for failure to appear at court proceedings.
      • Loss of vehicles / property for failure to appear at court proceedings.
  • Lawyer Availability
    • Availability of lawyers in the city has been ruff.  We are holding classes now and am happy to say we have 5 new attorneys in the city.  We will continue to recruit!


  • Judge Availability
    •  If you need a judge post in the legal lobby we typically and hop in pretty quickly.
    • We also can do things on telecom if necessary


  • Prosecution Availability
    • DA’s office continue to push forward and is working w/ citizens and LEO organizations to help things be more fluid
    • Just b/c a member of the DA is not available does not mean we can’t proceed with some proceedings.


  • The Story
    •  We have a mission to attempt and close classes no more than 7 days from the start.
    • This is a RP  and where gathering evidence and presenting a good case based on case law is good we want to also push the “story” aspect.
    • Do not be afraid to focus on telling us a good story and less about dotting every I or crossing each T.  Be thorough, do your best, but don’t kill yourself on every detail.


  • Roadmap – Things being worked on
    •  Bail – Working on automating this system so that it can be done at arrest
    • Community – Working on a “Meet your Services Day” in the city to foster more dialogue between people and our Justice, DA, LEO, and Health Services.  (Car Raffle for sure)
    • Parole – We are working w/ BCSO on a parole system and it is rolling out but still maturing.
    • Bail Agency PC business?? Interested let me know.
    • Law School / Recruiting - working to refine / shoot for 1x a month


As always thanks for working w/ us as we strive to make things better.  We hear you and want to continue to improve.  If you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to let me know.

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4 hours ago, Chewy Long-Jr said:

omg this is amazing!!! And will this open bounty hunters as a possible job that the bail bonds can hire to get there money back if they are a no show to court?


We discussed it a bit.. certainly a bond company being willing to put up assets or cash is something we could do now.... as far as bail enforcement agents I think the plan is to use LEO's for that currently to enforce / help the bond agencies.  I think if we can get some of these steps rolling currently.. adding a job like that could be pretty cool.  NOTE:  Just my opinion here. 



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