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Investment opportunities?

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There is a mod out there that I was playing with on my test server that is amazing.  It is a business investment portfolio.  Basically you take all (known) mods that are copy paste scripts.  List them as "Businesses for sale" or "Investment opportunities. That gives something long term some of us can do that dont want to just shoot up burgershot or sell weed every day.  Its simple.  If there is a mod that people are able to add to the city businesswise, put it in your folder 'o mods, and people that dont have good business ideas but have good income can "buyout businesses" that are available(that you have mods for to be implemented). It really seems like the construction guy is not ever coming back.  So that pretty much kills business Ideas in general.


I personally am tired of sellin weed every day.  I have changed it up by doing ALL of the legal jobs, FOR HOURS. Some are fun, but still wear on you.  There is no "Retirement" plan in this city, no kingpins counting their stacks and also due to no added cars, no money sink other than buying more drugs, or illegal weapons, further enabling sensless violence.


Even if you dont want to use the Mod, you can STILL have real estate agents hold the information on them by request only or during an ad just add in "We deal with Businesses and investments as well"  


I think if people have more money sinks instead of just a laggy casino and the same cars we all own(ive been in the city for 2 months and have owned almost every single car that is not a super already) It may actually decrease the violence.  I know, I know. But its GTA. there has to be violence... Yes I agree, and sometimes its fun and entertaining, but this city is operating like vegas (fun on the weekends and thats it) when it should be operating like LA/NY (always something to do)



The chicken place ive been trying to open for 2 weeks now.

Instead of paying a lawyer 40k to propose it, have a judge sign it, real estate appraise it, judge approve it, then purchase said property, then wait for construction guy, you look in the "Folder 'o mods" and see, hmm, we have the chicken place mod right here.  lets just charge 250k for it.  We also have this operating casino, lets charge 6 mil for it.  We also have this diamond store mod, lets charge 2 mil for it. We also have this yada yada yada.  You can take existing buildings that are in operation in GTAO and make them purchaseable businesses in our city.


I know this sounds alot like the Tsunami Scramble for things like the dealership and clothing stores.  But Im talking self operational businesses.  My chicken place I want to operate like burgershot, self sustainable with lower profit while creating jobs. For instance, the jewelry store, you can work as security, the casino you can work as a dealer/pitboss, heck even the airport has a security mod.  There are extensive mods for self operational businesses that can have profits move to a single holder without the tsunami scramble.  


Thank you for taking the time to read my extensive, meandering, paragraph of me saying in closing "We need to be able to buy existing businesses in the city that there are already copy/paste mods for"

-Mike Honcho

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