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Escape from Tarkov Inventory System

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I've seen the inventory system be talked about a couple of times on this forum. I'd say the weight system itself has a couple of flaws, as it's not the most intuitive system. Let's say I choose to add every attachment possible to a weapon- the item remains the same weight. I propose a grid system for the inventories if there's any possibility of making it functional.

In my mind, an inventory system mimicking that of the Escape from Tarkov Stash (https://streamable.com/7vzn9q) would fare well in USARRP. Instead of taking weight/100, items could have size. For example, a shotgun could take 2 width & 5 height by default, but if you decide to add a flashlight, if becomes 2 by 6. 

That being said, by no means would I want an inventory as complex as Tarkov- no need to manually load magazines or have bags inside of bags. Only proposing to add their grid. This grid would allow the player to drag items around to fit new ones in their inventory. A little bit of a Tetris minigame, if you will. If possible, the ability to take off weapon attachments (to save space) would be a swell addition with this grid inventory.

I would love to see a change to the inventory in USARRP 4.0. This project would likely take some time as an overhaul of the inventory may cause issues with item loss. Implementing this along with the 4.0 reset would make the most sense to me- that is, if this feature is even possible.

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