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Crafting Weapons

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This has probably been suggested a few times in the past, but I'm going to suggest it anyways. I feel that being able to craft guns would be amazing because right now the way to get illegal weapons is to spend it all in the black market which promotes a full on money grind as these weapons can get expensive. Which is why crafting guns and being your own black market would be great, therefore people don't have to constantly grind drugs all day and it would have more RP than spam "E" and "K" to package and sell your drugs. It's pretty much the same concept as crafting thermite. You get x amount of materials, you go to a location where you can craft the weapons like a bench, and you make these weapons. As a result, you can become your own black market that actually provides RP unlike the NPC black market where you just go at a certain time, spend money, and leave. Also before you say anywhere that relates to "you can already become your own black market by purchasing the weapons from the black market", I've done it myself, and after doing it for months. It just feels horrible having to constantly do this if you wanted to be your own black market. Please consider this if you haven't already as I think personally this would be a huge factor to criminal RP, gun dealing, and etc. Thanks :)

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So you want just anyone to be able to make a gun? I mean imo that’s not realistic at all, it takes some skill to craft a weapon.. I’ll still +1 it because realism needs to be sacrificed for rp sometimes.

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i mean everyone is expected to know how to repair a car so i dont think this is a big deal but i feel like it would need to be a long process to make it balanced. 

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I think this is a very good idea! 


Could maybe even be done in a way similar to the Mechanic in that you have to level up before being able to access other weapons?


Tier 1 - Shiv, Club

Tier 2 - Barbed Wire Bat, Musket Pistol (single fire pistol etc)

Tier 3 - Knife, Pistol, Rifle

Tier 4 - etc etc


Just a thought...

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I got an idea, 


You dont craft the weapons, you bring them to a place where someone (Maybe a Trevor Phillips or Franklin Model just to roll with the story mode characters being slightly involved) Take those Items you bring and make the weapons for you. You could even implement the tier system as a "friendship" type deal with them, the more stuff you have them make, the more they trust you, the more the inventory grows. Just a cool Idea.

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