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Vehicle Fragility Punishes Keyboard Drivers and Lag more than Reckless Driving

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The fragility of vehicles, to me, feels like less of a punishment for reckless driving, and more of a punishment for lag and keyboard driving, and the RP implications are ridiculous. Suddenly, you have to act like "oh no, I'm an accident-prone moron and my drivers license should be revoked, haha, picked a hell of a day to stop sniffing glue am I right?"


Some anecdotes:

- I just had to fix an engine twice in two minutes -- expensive -- due to having turned into a light pole at low speed. This happens due to the sudden acceleration anything that isn't a service vehicle has, paired with keyboard steering. I have fewer collisions in trucks than in cars for this reason.

- Being near other players will cause their client's NPC vehicles to sync (this is my guess as to what is happening due to the p2p nature of GTA5's networking, though I can't speak for the exact mechanics on this server). I've had things that were not there suddenly pop in five feet in front of me, causing a completely unavoidable collision and total failure of a truck's engine, causing me to be stranded when there may be no mechanics or taxi drivers on the clock (which is a silly thing to need to treat as ICly true in a city this size).

- I have a lot of collisions with NPC vehicles due to client-server disagreement, where on my side, I had what looked like a good 10 feet of clearance during a passing maneuver, but the NPC vehicle goes flying off the road dramatically.

- Driving over small objects, such as bicycles and downed light poles, can cause engine damage. These objects may not sync, or may be very hard to see. It would be realistic to expect that, in a city this size, maintenance/public safety crews would be fixing that stuff up continuously. Lots of light poles fall down 50 feet ahead of me, as if in anticipation of a collision, and people leave bicycles all over the place all the time, so there is very little I can do to avoid undercarriage damage most of the time.

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