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Pillbox Concerns to be Addressed 

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Pillbox Concerns to be Addressed 


1. Free insurance not being funded by the government when on-duty Doctors and Nurses treat patients. (please see my APA format essay about financial concerns)

2. Separate whitelist with roles and pay for each level of the Pillbox hierarchy (will be highlighting some but not all of their responsibilities): 

  • Nurse: $800: can only treat stage 1 and 2 wounds, may still be in training or a senior nurse. 

  • Chief of Nursing: $1,000 (only 1 person can have this rank): can only treat stage 1 and 2 wounds, can train new Nurses and is a part of Command Staff, can accept/deny Nursing applications. 

  • Intern and Resident Doctor: $900: all medical staff from here on out can treat all stages 1-3. Residents are new grasshoppers starting in General Medicine and are still in training to be able to practice medicine on their own, require training/shadowing under supervision of the Chief of General Medicine and Doctor Command. 

  • Attending Doctor: $1,200: can practice General Medicine on their own without supervision, can specialize further into a new department at this point if they choose with training provided by the Chief of the Department. 

  • Chief of Department: $1,500 (only 4 people can have this rank): is a part of Command Staff, can train new Doctors in their Department or in General Medicine, bring concerns regarding staff in their department to Hospital Administrators for disciplinary actions, bring up any changes/ideas from their respective their Department or themselves to be implemented to higher ups as well. 

  • Hospital Administrator: $1,800 (only 2 people can have this rank): can tend to new Doctor applications/interviews, assign/conduct training and shadowing for each Department working closely with the Chiefs, conduct termination/disciplinary actions, bringing up concerns from Chiefs of Departments to mention in Command Staff meetings, can provide records from subpoenas and other legal-related matters. 

  • Dean of Medicine: $2,000 (only 2 people can have this rank, currently 3): have all above responsibilities as well as implementing new changes once approved, conduct mass training sessions, administrative tasks like finance and law, implement and approve SOPs and documents, are final decision makers and approve of all changes. 


3. Ability to see available Pillbox funding by Command Staff (Chiefs of Departments/Nursing, Hospital Administrators, and Deans of Medicine)

4. Medical staff bonuses with each promotion, as well as possibly having medical staff getting paid for attending/conducting training sessions and training new medical staff

5. Patients being able to check in without a Doctor; completely remove or limit to 2-3 Doctors being on duty before inability to check-in. -- This would also help facilitate having a Doctor at the prison, which would be an amazing change of environment for Doctors so they don’t get burned out from just being at Pillbox all the time, and also if Doctors are tending to appointments/consultations in the back don’t have to interrupt their sessions with their patients because people cannot check in at the front desk. 

6. Change the name of the ICU room (the one that has 9 patient beds) to “Emergency Room” or ER. ICU rooms are at the back Ward of the Hospital, not the main room where people get admitted.

7. MDT for Pillbox: On the next page, I laid out all the information we would need to include for patient information in an MDT for Pillbox. (please see this suggestion I posted earlier) 

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