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Cory Lahey

Forest Needs Maintenance

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The new trees in and around Los Santos are excellent, but the way they have naturally grown isn't always perfect. Take for instance, these two particular trees on the roadway next to Paleto Bay Post Op. I drive by these trees almost daily, on my way down to the pier. One at the left, top of the hill, and one at the right, down by the fork. (The images show my vehicles, pressed against the "rogue hitboxes")



The photos I've included show two particular trees on this hill which have improper collisions, both causing small obstructions alongside the roadway. This is a small inconvenience as I've scratched my cars on this a few times. Rotating the model may help (or move the model, into the rogue hitbox).


If you'd like more bug reports like this one, notify me and I will deploy a naturalist to move to Los Santos and inspect nature.



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There is another tree with an invisible barrier on the dirt road behind the prison across from the bank in harmony, the barrier extend about a foot towards the road and behind the tree it extends about 2 feet out

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