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How do the Long time streamers here deal with being Stream sniped?

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i've always wondered this , but after a  situation last night  where i was for sure stream sniped. what do you do to make sure this doesnt happen.    not going to lie, i havent had to deal with a stream sniper since my Gamebattles days 10 years ago. but  there is a  huge difference between managing it in a game of COD  compared to managing it in a RP server.


i get that people want a upper hand  or to be a dick. but am i really  forced to do certain things off stream or to block  the  screen  since some people cant trust themselves to not meta game?  let me hear how you guys handle this



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TBH I stream sometimes and alot of people in the city dont care for me(thankfully more like me than not) but I have never had this issue.  If I think its a possibility then just drive to a remote location where there is no need for anyone to be there and if said people show up possibly throw out a report if it is deemed necessary.  I watch cops (Schwifty/Viktor) but as soon as I join the city I wish them the best and hop off of their stream.  If someone is such a sweatlord they stream snipe you, they need to be banned anyway.  It breaks Twitch TOS and city rules! No matter how much a person hates me in the city, I rarely, if ever, see it taken out of the city.  Some of the people I have the most beef with IN the city are the coolest people OUT of the city. Just my .02  Good luck :)

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my friend was streaming and he got stream sniped, 3 people came out to a really remote area and while me and everyone else were stuck in emotes, 3 people came out of nowhere and rdmed all of us (8 people)

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I can add little to what has already been said here (which is all good advice).

You're already recording... Keep a record of the stream, if you have an issue...

If you do as mentioned in a previous comment, and go to a super hidden location, ... And there is ABSOLUTELY NO mention of where you're headed... And no noticed Tail....

You may have to "go along with it" and RP a loss or two.. But you're aware of the MG against you... So OOCly, you're aware this will be handled (and your reported loss returned, as long as you document owning the items). You're saving the full clip of your stream, so admins can know you're not sharing your secrets...

The admin team here in the server will co-operate with a solution to this. It's easy to see from your stream, that you're not ICly spouting your secrets. Now If a pattern is noticed of particular people. It's not hard for an administrator to pop into Spectator mode, and watch a suspected MGer, even when you're not online (They're probably breaking more rules than one). And when your stream is publicly available, it makes the admins' research easier.

Honestly.. I don't know how the cheaters think they can get away with this kind of stuff, because it's EXTREMELY obvious... Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes...


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My best advice to this is just roll with it and dont care I get meta gamed and I just think sure thing buddy you are a bell end but just roll with the RP and deal with it after not a lot you can do during the time. It can be fairly hard to prove the fact that someone is infact doing this. But honestly the best advice is just enjoy the RP you get into and as annoying as it is when it happens drop the report and let the staff deal with it but dont be surprised if its not acted on the first few times we look for them doing things over and over unless its really really clear. 


So biggest point is just dont let it upset you and remember infact that taking a loss can develop your character and story more than a win as this way there is a reason to want to pick someone up and beef with them over something you know it adds good content and reasoning.  

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Honestly I’ve was in your same position and I hated it. But like Jamie said once you don’t really care about it and worry on the rp you’ll be fine. It is frustrating but we all deal with it unfortunately. 

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Most of the time i block my map and the screen when I'm going to certain places if your followers are respectful they wont try to actively find you. Although there are a few outliers, but at the end of the day if they do something stupid while you are streaming you already have it recorded so they are pretty stupid to try and break rules while people are watching. Specially sometimes some admins like to turn into streams. 

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