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Have better insurance plans

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I was thinking about this the other day.


We should have more insurances plans to purchase.


Depending on your lifestyle, you could have a lower class insurance plan, mid-class insurance plan, or a high class insurance plan.


Naturally, a person with more money would be trusted with better coverage from their insurance company. A lower class person, not so much.


I was thinking - 


Low Class Insurance - Regular Insurance Prices (I calculated the cost of claiming cars, and it's about 3%?)


Mid Class Insurance - Instead of 3% you'd only have to pay 1.5% the cost of your car


High Class Insurance - Instead of 1.5% or 3%, you'd have to pay 0.5% the cost of your car


Here's the difference this could make while claiming your cars:


Car: Pegassi Torero ($68,000)


Low - $2040 approx.


Mid - $1020 approx.


High - $340 approx.


Now, of course all of these plans would cost depending on your choosing.




Low - $500 (regular)


Mid - $7500


High - $10000


Making it these prices would make it quite an investment for newer players and not just something everybody could buy.


Tell me what you think



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colors lol

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Heli insurance should be completely changed too, 12k everytime I get disconnected it starting to get annoying and I've never crashed before so its really killing the RP for me spending 36k on insurance and never crashing

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