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I lost 18k today on my character Michael Miller. When I first logged on today I was at 43k I then went to the weed packaging place and pick locked a can holding weed that I later sold and got around 18k which brought my total cash up to 61k . Later that day I went afk for around 30-45min and come back and see that I have been disconnected I don't think much of it because I was afk. i proceeded to join back in the server and went back on my character and noticed that all the progress I have made today has been wiped. This was not the first time this has happened to me but decided to report this time because I lost so much work I did today. I was told by an admin that this was a known issue and to make a report and send proof. Unfortunately I don't have any proof which is a big problem but you have to believe me. All I am asking is if I can get a refund for my money that I worked hard to get. 

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