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Add hard reset at barber shops

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So the one character that I play as is Jared Williams, known to most as "hitman" or "agent 47". I decided one night I would setup some disguises incase I were to be involved in a robbery or something, no problems there. However, when I did get on later in the morning to finish everything up, I found that you cannot remove having hair from your character. Once you select a hair style from the barbershop, you cannot reset your character to being bald. 

I've tried overriding my hair from clothing stores to bald, however the barbershop takes priority over the clothing store. I've tried saving the look that I actually want, (bald with the agent 47 suit). However, when I relog it puts hair back on my head(The hair that I cannot remove from the barbershop because there is no bald setting there). So I have to go to a clothing store everytime I join the server and want to play.

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