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TAPS LEGAL - Request for Petition - Record Expungement - Mr. Jim Jones Jr.

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Petition for Record Expungement  

Mr. Jim Jones Jr. 

Case #: 04142020001


Petitioner: Travis Taps, AAL


Jim Jones Jr.
811-23-357| Kids#7589

House 776895, Caesars Place, Rockford Hills

ID Attached: 



  1. Wherein this the 14th day of April, 2020 the Requester seeks to have his record fully expunged of all record of citation, criminal charge, or other infraction upon his record in consideration of the grounds listed below will show full compliance with all local, state, and federal statutes in regards to requests of this nature.

Grounds for Petition:

  1. Requester has NOT been arrested or cited for any reason within the last 2 calendar weeks.

    1. Last infraction of record: 04-01-2020

    2. Full Record: 


  1. Requester does NOT have any outstanding wants or warrants

  2. Requester served 1hr of community service as can be attested by Dr. Cordelia Fox

  3. Requester is able to pay $250 USD Fine per recorded incident / infraction

    1. VC 2800.1, PC31, HS 11377, HS 11352(b)

    2. Fine to be Paid to court 4 charges * 250 USD = $1000.00

We look forward to the courts response in this matter and certainly if there is any additional ask or information the court requires, we look forward to serving. 


Filed: 0413202019:20 CST

Los Santos Court House



TAPS LEGAL - Petition for Record Expungement - Jim Jones Jr..pdf

Edited by TravisTaps
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Mr Jim Jones Jr. Has completed 3+ hours of community Service at pillbox medical. He cleaned and fixed some broken Vending machines as well as restocking the OR with Gloves and Surgical packages.


In the time with me he was polite to both staff and patients and would happily vouch for his personality. 

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As of April 16th your clients expungement request will be APPROVED.


Total Court Fees: $1000


Please inform your client that he will need to speak with a Judge to action this expungement


Have a wonderful rest of your day. 


- Hon. Stanley Carmichael

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