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Sound Effects To Make Pillbox Feel More Alive

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I recently started work as a doctor at Pillbox medical & if you've ever had a job at Pillbox in the city, then you know how it works, lol. It gets super busy, then super slow. Not a problem, as I don't mind waiting for patients & that's just how it goes sometimes. However, it would be cool if somehow we could add sound effects in Pillbox, just kinda faintly in the background. Chatter, phones ringing, heart monitors, etc, etc. Just a little noise to make those slow moments feel more alive for the staff, even when there's no one else around. Same could be applied for any location, like MRPD, BurgerShot, etc. Kinda like how you can hear the intercom at the prison. Nothing too loud or distracting, just in the background. What do you guys think?


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