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    • As long as the server is public there is not a lot you can do with encouraging/discouraging those kind of actions in my opinion. The only thing you can do is have staff do things based on their best judgement to people who are abusing the same things over and over, and not really pushing forward a story or following any kind of character traits, but if you do this it would be biased and the people it is pushed upon would claim that it is not fair.                  I also don't think they are saying that people need to follow a script, just saying that the current situation is just worse then that,  but they need to have a story and give as many interactions as they can. Or at least a set of characteristics, traits, and morals that are consistent and make sense for the kind of character they are playing as. Seeing a lawyer drive around car hopping and stealing cars to get around doesn't make any sense.  Or someone who is selling drugs just driving up from person to person selling weed and meth as fast as they can and as soon as they seeing a cop just zipping away on a motorcycle  giving no interactions is not fun for anyone imo, especially the cops. And doing that is fine as long as when you get caught your actually going to add something to the situation when you get caught instead of just immediately being fine after getting lit up with bullets or crashing going 130mph into a wall, and just telling the cops to book you and get it over with. 
        I also agree with the thing where there are characters that get shot and stabbed nd they either start laughing or screaming at the person and sometimes its just them stabbing, shooting, or beating each other or some random person over like the smallest comment. I have also seen police reinforce the behavior by picking them up and be a part of the problem, and when its not somebody that the people who are doing it are friends with, I  haven even seen the cops tell them they shouldn't have said that and just ignore it. There's just a huge problem with how people act cause they know that there is no consequence and if there is its not a serious consequence cause death/life in jail cant be forced on them.   that was a bit of a ramble and all over the place but whatever  
    • I'd like to request that some items have their weight reduced or removed; namely the driver's licences, firearm permit, aircraft permit, etc. 

      My main reasoning for this being that those items are stuck on your person after your acquire them and while 2W seems small, it adds up pretty quick. It's also kind of ridiculous that my ID weighs a quarter of the weight as my knife, or that fact that my tuna sandwich weights ever MORE than my knife. Or that a bag of sand weights the same as my knife, etc etc. It's all pretty janky when you really thing about it.

      I understand that the weight system is pretty arbitrary and doesn't means pounds or whatever, but at the very least the items we would keep in our wallet should have 0 weight like the car keys do.

    • Being forced to a script truly and utterly ruins the point of true RP, just sayin 
    • As long as helicopter jobs were added I'd say yes. With the current airfield selection congestion would a nightmare for pilots. If you add helicopter sightseeing tours (Checkpoint based task), supply drops on designated helipads or personnel transport to designated helipads It would create a much larger area for jobs and less congestion. Until we have that, a department of aviation would serve no viable RP basis to even be created.   Just my 2 cents
    • Can't promise much excitement. 
      But here ya go :D 
    • Oh this would be really cool. fuck it have my upvote or whatever it is 
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