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Welcome to USA Realism RP

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  1. General

    1. Lounge

      Meet other RP'ers!

    2. Suggestions

      Please add your suggestions to improve the server in this area.

  2. Public Services

    1. San Andreas State Police

      Our mission is the protection of life, property, the preservation of the public peace, and the enforcement of the law.

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    2. Los Santos Fire Department

      The mission of the Los Santos Fire Department is to protect our community through effective and innovative public safety services.

    3. Blaine County Sheriffs Office & Corrections

      The Blaine County Sheriffs Office & Corrections aims to improve public safety by ensuring a safe and humane environment that incorporates proven rehabilitation initiatives that prepare individuals for successful reintegration into our communities.

    4. Department of Justice

      We strive to maintain public order and justice in the state of San Andreas. We offer services including filing business proposals, cases and advertising law firms. You may also find important announcements and guidelines for the legal proceedings in the state.

    5. REAL ESTATE   (822 visits to this link)

  3. Other

    1. Report A Player

      We are relatively relaxed in our server. However, some people may cause undue stress or problems. Please report all problem players HERE with pictures/videos as proof.

    2. Server Discussion

      Anything server related you have on your mind. Things you would like to see implemented? Have an idea? Post here.

    3. Help & Support

      Needs questions answered about anything related to In-Game? Here is the place to ask them.

    4. Website Discussion

      Have a website related suggestion, question, or concern? Post here.

    5. Report a Bug

      Want to report a bug? Post a detailed description of it here.

  4. Applications

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    • Yes, this sounds a lot like an "Awaiting Scripts" issue, it happens to all of us at the worst of times.   Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to quit out of the game and then re-connect to the server, I'd suggest trying to direct connect through F8 > connect   It sometimes works and then sometimes doesn't, you just need to make sure you keep trying to join the server.    The best way to combat this issue is to make sure you are not tabbing out when loading into the server and to try direct connecting (not sure how effective the direct connect is).  
    • Hi, Usually when i join the server with my first and only character, I normally wait less than a minute after selecting my spawn. Now when i try, it sends me to a black screen after 25 minutes. if anyone knows why this happens please help
    • Yerrr what’s good it’s ya boy strider 
    • Guest hitman2021a
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