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  2. Sten.

    The Silliest Server Swede

    Plot twist no person does even scroll this far down this page so then I can say that you are russia dum dum
  3. He likes toes  

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  5. 2pop

    Friday Fight Club

    what district im blind?
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  7. Use this thread to contact us.
  8. Aidan Biden

    Brice Powell v. SASP

    @capablemango Thank you, Please meet me in the city at your earliest convenience to receive your payment. Honorable Judge @GreenDragon917 this case may be closed if the plaintiff will be accepting the DA's offer Sincerely, ADA Clinton
  9. capablemango

    Brice Powell v. SASP

    The plaintiff Brice Powell and Makowski, LLC. will be accepting the District Attorney's offer for a $30,000 settlement
  10. rebelschutze

    Any military vets here?

    Currently serving in 29 Palms as a Marine infantryman. It's pretty cool to be in the same time zone as the server, as I originate from the east coast. I've got 6 weeks left before my EAS.
  11. rebelschutze

    Car Value & Performance

    I'm thinking about grinding for a sports car, something fast and not too flashy. Which one would be the best at a decent insurance price range? ($100k-200k) I know that USARRP's car handling and prices are a bit changed from vanilla GTA, with faster top speeds. I've also seen cars that are proportionately higher or lower price in the server compared to others in vanilla. (I.E., Car A is twice as expensive in vanilla as Car B, but in the City, Car B is 1.5 times as expensive as Car A). Are the City's prices very relative to car performance? How do the cars perform relative to vanilla and real life?
  12. YungBukLao

    Friday Fight Club

    Melvin Stevenson Fighter. This time ill make it to the fight i have a few technical difficulties last time
  13. VavaVoom

    The Silliest Server Swede

    plot twist: the swedes are actually russians
  14. Aidan Biden

    The Silliest Server Swede

    I am is american tyvm english peeps would be ash jamie jack and hd I think
  15. Boonk Shaq

    Friday Fight Club

    This Friday will bring yet another FRIDAY FIGHT CLUB! The PRIZES this week however will be much bigger than last weeks and will be only in cash. You should start arriving at 2:30 PM PST (city time), and it will officially start at 3:00 PM PST at the Vinewood Bowl again. We hope to have even more fun than last weeks! P.S. All rules will be explained on the day before the fighting happens. Credits: Papa Post - The FFC Banner
  16. Are you high?

    1. Sten.


      weather is lovely today


  17. Sten.

    The Silliest Server Swede

    @Lars isnt a human being he is just here
  18. Sten.

    The Silliest Server Swede

    no u english people
  19. Aidan Biden

    The Silliest Server Swede

    Silly silly Swedes
  20. Sten.

    The Silliest Server Swede

    I am never sweden
  21. SlaynXav

    Snake Dimitry Suspension Revoked

    The DA's Office will be recommending this request as denied. The reason for this is that there is no tangible evidence that he was only the passenger. If any more information such as statements come up, and you still want to pursue this case I'd recommend refiling. Regards, Assistant District Attorney Damien Taylor
  22. Jack Luckee Burton

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Jack Burton Unit-number: U-131 When you are leaving: 4-25-2019 When you are coming back: 5-8-2019 Reason: Military Obligation/Promotion Exam Prep Will be in and out, but much less active until my test on May 7th
  23. CountryGamer

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Daniel Clark P-Number: P-80 When are you leaving: May 12th, 2019 When are you coming back: May 17th/18th, 2019 Reason(s): Going on a family vacation.
  24. He smells good

  25. Last week
  26. VavaVoom

    The Silliest Server Swede

    I think @GomBiaN is a Swedish meatball @Lars is a heavy breathing swede @William Queen Is a monotone swede
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