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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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  2. RandoAltinium

    Change the meth explosions

    Making and selling meth has only 3 risks: You get robbed You get caught You blow up My problem is number 3. In number 1, you can be smart and avoid dangerous people. In number 2, You can be smart and sneaky to not get caught. Number 3, on the other hand, you can do NOTHING to avoid it. It is simply chance and luck. I think there should be some sort of skill involved to decrease or eliminate the chances of exploding. My idea: If you've ever played The Escapists, you'd know of the working-out mechanic as shown below: You must alternate pressing Q and E back and forth and hit it correctly to do the workout. Failing this should result in a high chance of an explosion. Doing this correctly should result in a very very low chance of an explosion.
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  4. bearss

    Increase Pilot Payout

    Currently, a Pilot earns approximately $400+ per successful round-trip flight. You're tasked with getting a jet-powered aircraft filled with passengers to an outside airport and back in one piece, while sustaining no injuries to any of the passengers. Causing such forces you to forfeit any money earned from that entire flight. If you are ever convicted of an felonies within the state, it is mandated that your Pilot's License (and Firearm's License) be revoked. With the better aircraft you are given to complete a flight with, it takes approximately 6-7 minutes to complete a round-trip. After 2 successful flights, you are either going to have made less than, or just about match what a job at BurgerShot would net you. BurgerShot pays you $1,300 every 10 minutes, and this isn't including any of the profit you can make by actually making sales with customers. After having completed 2 trips as a Pilot, you will quickly realize that you spent $1,500 for a license that can be quickly revoked by even an impersonation or battery charge, spent more time making ends meet than a fast food employee, and will come out no further on top than one. Please make piloting a more worthwhile job than it currently is. I'm tired of landing a dual-engine jet on 200ft of runway at Grapeseed Airport for pennies.
  5. @Bootee please provide me some sort of edit link to your subpoena request so I can approve and sign it.
  6. Subpoena approved, Case approved. @TatyrTot and @juan_snow please find legal representation.
  7. Kian

    Ricky Montoya - Name Change Petition

    This petition will be DENIED. There are no legal powers that the court nor adoption parents hold to force a name change on Mr Ricky Montoya. We suggest that Mr and Mrs Montoya review their adoption papers and consider revoking them if they feel strongly about the way their son is behaving. This petition is focused on the "damage to the Montoya name" which is a strongly societal view. I understand the adoption parents concern. However, from a legal and fair perspective this is simply not possible. Mr Montoya is of an age to change his own name on his own accord. As long as the parents stay away from crime or trouble this should not reflect negatively on their family name nor social reputation. In conclusion the court sees no legal requirement for this name to be forcefully changed and so this case will be locked and closed. - Hon. Reece Middleton
  8. Kian

    Honest Lee - Petition for Record Expungment

    As of March 28th your clients expungement request will be APPROVED. Total Court Fees: $250 Have a fantastic rest of your day and please do take care. - Hon. Reece Middleton
  9. Kian

    Dunkley, Davis and Viks. vs Ball, Ross et al.

    Motion approved. Case dismissed, the court sees no possibility for a fair trial. The Plaintiff's representation needs to specify the date as well as the time and whether the Blaine County Sheriff's Office is a defendant within the case. Locked, closed. - Hon. Reece Middleton
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