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  2. William Queen


  3. Bring back mondo duke!!!!

  4. Yesterday
  5. Hippity Hoppity This is A Robbery

    1. Aidan Biden

      Aidan Biden

      Hippity Hoppity Bohemionrapshity 

  6. Hello, Myself and The other Founders, Would like to register our Mafia as an Official Organisation. I have took it upon myself to create a google document with all the necessary information required: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ckiSEk4k7QehvPth8qx1nIYZHF_-bikY0HtbR2e8o-M Though we do lack currently a third founder, we hope as time progresses we can have someone else claim the title of Underboss and the third founder. Thank You for your time & Have a good day, ~ Genovese Brothers
  7. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    The good old days when my brother Asznee used to be EMS
  8. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    Funniest wedding, will be remembered
  9. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    A wild castle?
  10. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    The most insane air chase ever.
  11. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    war is going down
  12. Could this be the end of Barnes?


  13. Last week
  14. Rimka

    Tuffade Nero - Delano Omega

    @Delano This auction has been active for over 24 hours and it has received zero bids. This auction is going to be marked as VOID. Hard luck Mr.Delano
  15. Rimka

    Vapid FMJ for cheap

    @Boonk Shaq It's been over 24 hours and there have been zero bids. This auction is going to be VOID. Hard luck Mr. Banks
  16. yeeter yoder oh boy its getting colder

  17. -me when i see sometime that is Driving at me to VDM me 😢 HELLO darkness my old Friend 😭


  18. Rimka

    $75k Starting! - Ubermacht Sentinel Classic

    The transaction has been completed in the game. @MichaelMotorcycl
  19. Character Name: Delano Omega Starting Bid Price: $1 000 000. ($1 750 000 Stock price.) In-game screenshots: Addt. Upgrades: It is equipped with a Race Transmission and a Turbo. I have all of the avaliable bodywork done aswell. If you would like to test drive it and/or see it with your own eye feel free to contact me in anyway you like ;)) Happy to answer question and looking forward to any and all response. -Delano.
  20. Boonk Shaq

    Vapid FMJ for cheap

    Character Name*: Boonk Shaq Ofori Starting Bid Price*: 1,000,000 In-game screenshots*: Addt. Upgrades (with proof of upgrade): pictures of actual car are at the bottom
  21. MichaelMotorcycl

    $75k Starting! - Ubermacht Sentinel Classic

    Well, @Rimka seems to have won the bid at $80,000
  22. MichaelMotorcycl

    Demolition Derby


    [U-221] Cadet M. Garfield. I will try to attend this event, most likely as a Security Volunteer.
  23. -me when they don't announce BorderLands 3 😢 😭


  24. Royale420

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Mateo di Nova Unit-number: 119 When you are leaving: now When you are coming back: 15th of december Reason: Sold PC, will receive new one 15th
  25. Jones


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