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  4. notnotshake

    Youngblood and Fox Realty

    So this has some views but no responses? I really want to generate this for RP but unsure of the timeline. Any update would be awesome! Thanks in advance
  5. Last week
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sfqrp4nAUtUWiAMG77XNfYNIPiYV8K3cPMObQL7g0jg/edit?usp=sharing
  7. RIP Juice wrld 😭😭

  8. A4DoughBoi

    Pierre Willis Expungement

    @life4vice I have not gotten any response from my client
  9. WonderBro

    How to tell what the map markers mean?

    You just have to learn them as you go. You'll catch on eventually. At first it's kinda tedious.
  10. life4vice

    Pierre Willis Expungement

    Any update on the community service?
  11. life4vice

    Izuna Ichiha Date of Birth Change

    DOB change APPROVED.
  12. Country

    Izuna Ichiha Date of Birth Change

    Wrong name originally posted, correct name is "Izuna Uchiha"
  13. Country

    Izuna Ichiha Date of Birth Change

  14. Just joined the server and noticed a lot of the map markers dont have names for what they are. Is there a legend for these somewhere? I didnt find anything when searching forums or anything.
  15. WonderBro

    Fivem Issues

    Seems USARRP server count is low, maybe others are having issues as well? *update* after trying several times, it finally finished. I guess Fivem's servers are just f***** today?
  16. WonderBro

    Fivem Issues

    Anyone else having issues with Fivem today? When I logged off last night, everything was fine, but today it's trying to update & gets stuck on 'updating game cache' trying a few things now to resolve the issue. Will keep everybody updated.
  17. WonderBro

    Resigning From USA R RP

    You will be missed!
  18. WonderBro

    Young monkey emoji for the website.

    I back this, lol.
  19. WonderBro

    Best "ERP" Moments

    😂 Be safe!
  20. corrupt gunstore owner -_- smh this is why I should own the gunstore!! Kappa0_20191113213725_1.png

  21. Nice one dude same love back the place wouldn't carry on to run without a strong community.
  22. Beatle

    Combat logging

    If Staff Contact you about the situation, just say you have evidence of you crashing and they will take it from there, as long as it was a legit crash.
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