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  2. Leonpaul02

    Genovese Adventures In the USA

    Leonardo “The Butcher”...
  3. Leonpaul02

    Genovese Adventures In the USA

    Leonardo & Paul Genovese,
  4. Rimka

    OG fight night 6.PNG

  5. Dalton


  6. Yesterday
  7. Dalton

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Elegy Retro Custom [Elegy2 in the handling file] Model:Sports Issue: It's top speed is only 110, when compared to another sports car which is 75,000, which can go up to 140. Price at Car Dealership : 90000
  8. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    every car to this message has been Adjusted beside "iguard2" will look into that one further
  9. Herogamer

    I got arrested while being a hostage.

    @MichaelMotorcycl my phonenumber is 50399824
  10. MichaelMotorcycl

    I got arrested while being a hostage.

    Hello Mr. Smith. I am Michael Davids with ShutTheFuckUp Law Firm. I would love to assist you with this poor encounter. Please provide a form of contact like a phone number or Twitter Account and I will do my best to contact you once we both are in the city. Thank you. Michael Davids, STFU Law Firm, (466)-556-72
  11. I was Picking a guy up as an uber. After driving some minutes with him he pulled a gun out and said that he want to rob a store and that i have to drive to a store and wait for him. After he checked some stores which had no Money he told me to drive faster. Thats why an officer tried to stop us. But because i cant hear anything i havent heard the sirens and could just stop like 400 m after the officer started to chase me. when i stopped i was doing everything that the officer was saying me to do. but i just told him About the robbery and About that i got taken as a hostage later in the cells because i was scared. but the officer havent cared About it and he put me in jail for PC 148a and VC 2800.4 for 50 months. mabey you could get me out if jail. Thank you, Benjamin Smith
  12. furry thot

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Isabelle Miller Unit-number: U-122 When you are leaving: 2019-02-17 When you are coming back: 2019-03-01 Reason: Want to begin focusing more on aviation (Studying and trying to get real hours in) and school. I will be returning and getting on duty as soon as possible.
  13. Character Name*: Luke Wolter Starting Bid Price*: 120 000 In-game screenshots*: Addt. Upgrades (with proof of upgrade):Fully upgraded
  14. Character Name*: Luke Wolter Starting Bid Price*: 130 000 In-game screenshots*: Addt. Upgrades (with proof of upgrade):Fully upgraded
  15. Last week
  16. I Dare yeeeeeeeeee


    1. Rimka


      Microwave the chicken

  17. henrivictorious

    Radio Realism RP?

    @hdshowyooo cheers mate, talking to mini atm thanks! ❤️
  18. TheSneikeris

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Thomas Anderson Unit-number: U-221 When you are leaving: February 17, 2019 When you are coming back: February 22, 2019 Reason: Going to my dads place, going to end a dirtbike build.
  19. magic


  20. Rimka

    Still Banned After Approval

    This has been resolved
  21. This has been resolved
  22. hdshow

    Radio Realism RP?

    Hey @henrivictorious, I left as an admin a couple of months ago and haven't really been up to date with the server changes (this is the first time I'm hearing about the loading screen radio 😂). Either way I'm glad you're still interested and when the time is right I'm sure you and @minipunch can work something out! Sorry for the misunderstanding
  23. I'm sorry to say that there will be no FFC hosted this week.

  24. Hello @vlei Your LOA has been Noted, the roster is updated! Good luck! -Sgt Woods
  25. @Accident You pick your spawn location you got either Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, Los Santos and you will get a fourth location in the future when you own a home.
  26. ummm new player here how do i get it im stuck on the select a spawn point screen after you choose your character 

  27. So i just learned about GTA V Rp servers and wanted to try them and this server looks appealing but i am stuck on the select a spawn point screen after you choose your character what do i press,i knew i was dumb af but am i really that dumb that i cant even get in the server ?(from what it looks like yes i am)
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