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chawny maaaa

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  1. Past hour
  2. Mia & Bell

    James Rodriguez wants to buy farm outside paleto

    This is a business property with a bakery etc attached to it. The starting bid should be 100k
  3. Today
  4. Distritic Crews would like to change his name to Raymond Distritic Crews (first) (middle) (last)
  5. Rabbitlover

    Saturday D-Bike Race [SDBR]


    Sean Snyder-BCSO (Might leave early for training)
  6. When I bought it before the reset it was a buisness property, but I don’t know what exactly it is.
  7. Ingame name: James Rodriguez Type of property: Farm with a barn Street Names: Great ocean HWY, Mount chilliad Starting Bid: 25 000 $ Screenshots:
  8. AlexDarkla

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Table is a bit messy but meh.
  9. Tommy D

    Running fiveM on windows 7

    What are your computer specs? I run windows 7 and had a lot of issues when I first downloaded it. The only way I was able to get it to work properly was to right click on FiveM>Properties>Compatibility>Run this program in compatibility mode for:>Windows 7. Since a recent update this was no longer needed and actually caused me issues so I disabled compatibility mode. Give it a shot and let me know. Hope to see you in the server soon! 👍
  10. Mandalor

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    I hate the light in the room Jesus f christ !! change it pls !!!
  11. #Cats.
    I have them, I love them. Show and Tell today; you got pets? ❤️


    1. GomBiaN


      I have two cats and one doggo :D I love them ❤️ 

  12. Ash

    Surname Change

    Paging @Jamie
  13. When things go #Boom it makes me happy!




  14. Mia & Bell

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Hubby is a Developer/Security Dev. Those are his. He is also a programmer, streamer and gamer. Not to mention, he is a #GuruGeek hehe
  15. #Bratting #Rebel





  16. Ash

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    I'd fuckin love 6 monitors.
  17. When you're supposed to be 'Trucking' and on your way to the bank, you get side-tracked by a gorgeous waterfall... and then you slip... #SickDay






  18. Garry Frankson

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Why do you need 6 monitors
  19. Sometimes i feel like Psy is trying to show how im in real life



    Not the dancing, cant dance for shit

    1. GreenDragon917


      I thought you were referring to Gangnam Style as soon as I read Psy. I was like "Zhorique's life is summed up by a dude pretending to ride a horse while singing in Korean?". Come to think of it, that would explain a lot of stuff.

    2. ArtaKia


      Madofako gentleman

    3. [P-52] Jack Haines

      [P-52] Jack Haines

      My Eyes
      My Ears
      My Soul

  20. Yesterday
  21. GreenDragon917

    AMR Training

    I can't participate because I will be in BCSO training at that time.
  22. 1258608197_Skrmbild(63).thumb.png.d6c007eadba8b9de3d3c9a5c5a6510a7.pngI look wasted af xD (Im not) just my eyes being weird

  23. minipunch

    I couldnt pay my house payment

    See my post in your refund request
  24. GomBiaN

    Saturday D-Bike Race [SDBR]


    Vadim Kalashnikov - Racer
  25. TrippyMane_TV

    I couldnt pay my house payment

    I just repurchased the house in fear that i would lose it in limbo
  26. TrippyMane_TV

    I couldnt pay my house payment

    There was no option for me to pay my house payment and i was online trying to pay it when i was disconnected...when i logged back in my house was up for sale again.... i had 300k and a food, maybe an ap pistol in my house.... all i care about is my money and possibly getting my property back... Procopio Drive/ house 23-- please help me... i was trying to speak in discord with Jamie at the exact moment everything happened to me...
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