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  3. Cas

    Jared Kennedy vs BCSO

    im sure you all know but mr Kennedy unfortunally passed away. http://prntscr.com/pkxyc5
  4. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Sophie Georgia

    Ms. Georgia's record has been expunged. Commissioner Kovacic provided me proof that her community service has been satisfied. - Judge Clark
  5. Lexii

    Worthner vs Brookline/Wietman

    Please find enclosed the case notes for Worthner Vs Wietman Case12_10_003_3.pdf
  6. Yesterday
  7. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Oscar Wild

    Accepted. Record has been expunged. - Judge Clark
  8. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    Your honor, I have attempted to gather the evidence requested, unfortunately the entire event is no longer accessible from my understanding. It our disposition that the relevance of the events leading up to the incident is not necessary, pertinent, or applicable. We ask to move forward with the case and reference my time stamps.
  9. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Oscar Wild

    Your Honor, the following has been added on record. Please excuse my associates response, and allow this for the record. It has now been 25 days since my clients last arrest.
  10. suckle on mah pepe 

  11. But I don't wanna be BCSO :(💔 

  12. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Hi, I'm Cordelia

    Welcome to the city Cordelia, I look forward to seeing you in court
  13. Alex Santos

    Stuck on "awaiting Scripts"

    Sometimes when this happens to me, I just press F8 -> and type quit .... It shuts down FiveM and then I re-open it and the error seems to go away.
  14. Exploded

    Bradford V. Snow

    Also your honour, I will not be able to be in the city until at the shortest the 25th
  15. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Will be in touch
  16. Last week
  17. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    The sooner we can get that on record, the sooner I can expunge his record. Keep me updated please. - Judge Clark
  18. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Not yet
  19. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Any update on his community service? - Judge Clark
  20. life4vice

    Expungement Request -James Miller

    Accepted upon completion of community service. - Judge Clark
  21. pzilo

    Stuck on "awaiting Scripts"

    You're welcome.
  22. Trezoopig

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Troy Williams P-Number: P-317 When are you leaving: 21;th october When are you coming back: 4;th november Reason(s): School Break, going to another country
  23. Bootee

    McGuire & Associates P.A.

    Withrdrawing my business proposal. I will be joining Fox Co. as Fox & McGuire Co.
  24. Exploded

    Bradford V. Snow

    Counter Relief: $20,000 Breakdown: Pain and Suffering: $3500 Wage and Time Loss: $8500 Future Medical Expenses: $4500 dealing with future x-rays and medical checks for lead poisoning and infection due to bullet shrapnel Emotional Distress: $3500 Totals: $20,000
  25. You were wrong for what you did

  26. ld249

    Stuck on "awaiting Scripts"

    Thank you for the reply! I will try that.
  27. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown | DOB: 1995-05-09 Has not been arrested since 09/15/2019 (Over 30 days as of when this is submitted) Has no active warrants Community Service - PENDING Has 25 arrests on record from 07/16/2018
  28. Below is the business plan for McGuire & Associates. McGuire & Associates is a Boutique Law Firm looking to get started in the Los Santos Area. Untitled document.pdf
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