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    The Sheriff of BCSO

    Добрый день! Наша фирма гордится своим профессиональным стажем работы и репутацией серьезного партнера по услугам водяные панели в интерьере и пузырьковая панель купить. Мы сформировали команду высококвалифицированных специалистов, которым под силу выполнение решений любых объемов и сложности. Основные услуги нашей компании это: Aquajet, аквапанель цена и панели с пузырьками. Вы можете рассчитывать на лучшее качество исполнения с длительной гарантией. При выполнении работы придерживаемся принципов максимальной осведомленности клиента, ответственно подходим к реализации любого решения, вн
  4. These are just a few I found in the city that should have a buying/rob option. I will be adding more tonight or tomorrow. If anyone else finds some please send me the coords and street name so I can add it. Barber Shops x = -822.58032226562, y = -183.77963256836, z = 37.568935394287 (Mad Wayne Thunder Dr.) x = -30.640291213989, y = -151.80088806152, z = 57.076499938965 (Hawkick Ave & Laguna Pl) x = 1211.5159912109, y = -470.71453857422, z = 66.208023071289 (Mirror Park Blvd) LS Customs x = -347.23901367188, y = -132.90646362305, z = 39.009624481201 (Carcer Way) LTDs
  5. Yesterday
  6. The Best Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.

  7. Bella Morte

    The longest thread on USARRP

    💯Most wanted
  8. Curtis

    The longest thread on USARRP

    Honestly, most underrated sandwich out there
  9. I personally would prefer that whenever we seach someone we actually would see the inventory (like we already see our own) instead of the text based inventory we currenrly have. It's very outdated and also an hassle to take pictures for evidence. Other things that could help would be if the mdt had an evidence section so we can everything we need in game. Like that cops could upload DNA samples and casings into reports directly. Another would be adding tags to the mdt that we can search, for example "Officer related shooting". We could then search all reports that had that tag int he mdt.n Thi
  10. Jayers

    The longest thread on USARRP

    Sometimes when I get bored, I put Marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and bananas on a Sandwich. Pretty good if you ask me.
  11. This would definitely help for CID/ISU in a raid situation but I don’t exactly think it’s needed for everyday patrol as I feel it will lead to lazy evidence logging as people will just screenshot it and leave it at that whereas right now we copy and paste the MDT (or at least should be) so that CID/ISU can go into evidence and just search for the text and will make their job a lot harder if they have to go through each screenshot individually
  12. SirChainsmokerGollum

    Adding RO next to serial numbers when police search people

    I dont think this would be a great addition cos firstly it removes an aspect of from roleplay. Gives the criminals a chance to get less charges if the officer is not being careful also it doesnt make much sense, on the gun the serial number is engraved so youd see it during a search however the owner youd have to look up in a database
  13. SirChainsmokerGollum

    Be able to switch Character at property.

    Its a simple as it sounds, let us use the swap command at the doors of our properties and in the future in the interior in our properties. It be wonderful ty
  14. Gam3Away

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    I was talking to some buddies just last night. Four of us there and we were all constantly having to ask each other to repeat themselves and repeating turning on and off voicechat. +1
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