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  2. Off-roading session with @Boonk Shaq @Tom @Pepe Jimbo 🚘



  3. Today
  4. Screenshot_4.png

    🎃Halloween Party🎃

  5. Leonpaul02

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    Dealing with Logan Downers appropriately by Stripping him to his underwear and making him walk in the boiling sun. @Joel Frat @Castle @Delano @Tom @Matthew Home @[P-303][U-210] Jack Haines
  6. Leonpaul02

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    Organisation Meeting
  7. Another mafia meeting today at the Von Crastenburg Hotel & Resort.



  8. Yesterday
  9. Aidan Biden

    The San Andreas Board of Psychology

    will be changing the name of the organization to Aidan Clinton's Psychology Practice
  10. My first day as a DOC on duty it was lovley. 



    Hello all, I would like to thank everyone who turned up at the event. It was a good event with no incidents. Prizes were won and fists were thrown.


    David Jonathan West AKA DJ West, Donated the large sum of $100,000 to the event. He also gave us an eye watering speech and blessed us with his presence.


    Also up for grabs were the usual cash amounts AND Three of my personal Vehicles. A Mustang, An Neon and An Enus.


    Our Winners This Week Were: 

    1st Place = Daoi Sin 

    2nd Place = Tom Rose 

    3rd Place = Robert Jones 


    Also Due to The Donation by David West, The Fighter In 4th Place received a prize

    4th Place = Mile Campbell


    Thank you for attending and stay safe! ~ Antonio Montana 




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  13. Jones

    A Tribute To Mia & Tony | Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Robert Jones - Fighter
  14. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    selling the new stuff on the streets shhhhhh🤫
  15. Leonpaul02

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    Sorry sorry Mr Luciano, I didn’t mean to steal your life
  16. Nob Nob

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Ollie Pettersson Unit-number: U-101 When you are leaving: 19-10-2018 When you are coming back: Not totally sure yet but probably around christmas ish. Id say mid december. Reason: Got lots of school and lots of football going on right now but will get back on winter break i not earlier.
  17. so sometimes my hat and glasses disappear and i get headphones for my hat and nothing for my glasses. Normally occurs after i changed props and leave city and come back and i get punched or something i cant get the hat and glasses back
  18. Boonk Shaq

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    will be posting about what i do and the things im up to on USARRP
  19. Aidan Biden

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    These pictures are obviously of me, you trying to steal my life bruh????? 👀👀👀👀
  20. He's Dadi, She's Rebel ...




    Meet the Sins ...They sure aint saints!


  21. James / Miles Campbell

    A Tribute To Mia & Tony | Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Miles Campbell - Fighter
  22. Boonk Shaq

    A Tribute To Mia & Tony | Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    boonk shaq - fighter
  23. Jamal Smith

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: BillyBob Cletus Unit-number:221 When you are leaving: 10/17/18 When you are coming back: not sure Reason:my monitor started ghosting and i have no idea when ill be back
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