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  2. KianG

    chillin with slavi

    How did you get out of the cells 😥
  3. KianG

    Los Santos Got Talent & Friday Fight Club

    Message sent in Discord Hey there loves, it’s your girl Pris here announcing the **TWO BIG EVENTS** to happen this upcoming Friday, 1/31/2020! First event of the night is going to the **Los Santos Got Talent**: BRING YOUR TALENTS EVERYBODY! We are going to be having Los Santos Got Talent for dinner Friday, hosted by the lovely Brittany Kisses and the bomb dot com Mackenzie Houston. **When**: 8 PM EST **Where**: Tequilala located in LS. The contestants will go up one by one in order and the show will be opened by Mackenzie and each contestant will be announced afterwards. There will be amazing judges to pick unbiased opinions on each performance on a scale of 1 to 10. Prizes to be won: 1st place – 20k, 2nd place – 10k and 3rd – 5k Absolutely **NO** OOC drama or drama whatsoever, **NO** screaming , **NO** gang activity Kisses! ❤️ - Brittany Kisses and Mackenzie Houston, your Los Santos Got Talent Hosts Second Event of the night is going to be, you already know, **Friday Fight Club**: Your girls Evelyn and Laura going to be running it and you already know there is going to be cash prizes to be won, so you don't want to miss this <:take_my_money:463612063529304066> If you are coming to compete, show up in your best fighting outfit to show everyone else you are there to win it all <:peepomad:612868720481796097> **When**: 11 PM EST **Where**: The Stadium off of Senora Rd. Absolutely **NO** Gang Activity, **NO** OOC Spam, **NO** Screaming, and **NO** Drama As well stay tuned for a raffle to perhaps happen and you could win a brand new vehicle! See you there fighters <a:pepesmash:667068653514260484> - Evelyn Moore and Laura Montoya, your FFC Hosts
  4. Los Santos Got Talent to take place at 8pm (EST) and Friday Fight Club to take place at 11pm (EST) - Read Discord #server-events for more information. Contact Pris for info???
  5. KianG

    Civ RP - Burger Restaurant

    I love that idea. It is the same as getting upgrades from a mechanic being more useful than upgrades from the shop.
  6. Today
  7. Owen Dominic

    Gang Gang

    that would be up to the Leaders and sergeants for disciplinary actions, but i know in real life, little nobodies acting like that in my old neighborhood, would definitely end up in the hills, in a shallow unmarked grave. I actually remember a homeless/hobo guy robbed a store in my old neighborhood. 3 sergeants caught the guy beat him to death, and left a note on the corpse for the cops.... "Here we did you job for you"..... Dudes were savage, but also VERY disciplined. Same guys, would provide meals to low income families and get kids clothes and toys if the parents couldn't afford it.... So they were bad guys with hearts of gold.... Kind of an Oxymoron, but since when has life every really made and sense anyways. As for the gang interactions, that provides 1.) The gangs RP 2.) Thugs RP, 3.) Possible cops RP (depending on how it turns out) 4.) EMS RP (because it most likely turns violent) 5.) Give police a reason to "patrol" specific areas 6.) Lawyer/Court RP 7.) Gives the thugs a passive/aggressive ultimatum (RP right or go somewhere else) {i say this because im new to RP, and i have found a group that is teaching me the buttons to hit, ways of providing better RP, and such) As for the restricted RP, there is no reason RP should be restricted at all. I lived in a Crip neighborhood. Sometimes bloods would enter our area. They were immediately surrounded, NONVIOLENTLY at first. It would go something like this. Crip "What you doing here?" Blood "My auntie lives at XXXX mark street" Crip "Alright but you gonna be followed." typically the conversation would last 10-15 minutes. But the blood KNEW he was in enemy territory, he didnt act aggressive, he basically submitted to the crips, and in turn for the show of respect, he was allowed to come and go pretty freely over the years. But he was warned, severely, If anyone wearing red comes with him, its gonna be considered an act of aggression and the free pass is over... and most likely be merced on sight. This provide and avenue for bloods, crips, aces, purps, and who ever to interact, RP and such.... Just depends on how far the players want to take it. Dunno if this helps clarify any, but thats kind of how i see it.
  8. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Gang Gang

    Now if we make punishments strict, does that mean criminals rp is being restricted specifically because they’re criminals and do what criminals do (crime) ? I agree with most of what you say. However, these new groups that don’t enforce a core moral standing and code of conduct will mean nothing if the real gangs, the “good” ones decided to step up and put their foot down on unrealistic/shitlord behavior. I think that it’s not an issue of rules or an in character punishment issue, i believe it’s an issue with leadership and IN CHARACTER actions.
  9. yeah I dont think you can fit a 21 inch sawed off in your pocket nevermind a 3foot long musket
  10. Owen Dominic

    Gang Gang

    From what i have experienced so far, these so called gangs aren't really gangs. More of clicks or crews, which are much smaller versions weaker versions. In the 90's we called them wannabees. Typically a gang is and organized group with a set and define hierarchy. There was punishments for breaking the rules. These wannabees, allow reckless actions with no repercussions. To bring hte gangs of the server into a more realistic like we need to understand the difference between a gangster and a thug. Originally, REAL gangsters, gangsters with the likes of Frank " The Enforcer" Nitti, "Diamond Joe" Esposito, Al Capone, there were actual codes of conduct a lot of the old school generations would follow, even if their supposed moral compass was off point more times than not. No intentional violence towards children or women, though it was considered collateral damage for the most part if it did happen. The same was said about the homes of family members, or family members that were not involved in the organization, being off limits. But again, if it happened, they wouldn't really lose sleep over it. The reasoning behind the rules was one single individual, bringing attention to themselves and jeopardize the entire organization. The gangster ran TOWNS and ran international criminal enterprises. As, i have personally seen on this server after only 2-3 days playing. Most of them are sloppy. Snitches, backstabbing, traitors, cowards, so many of these gangs are lax when it comes to who they let into these organizations, that they're constantly being put under the spotlight and reputations take a huge hit because of it. Loyalty and pride are two of the most important things these gangs require, and now more than ever, they're the things hardest to find. These modern gangsters are busy bickering over which CITY BLOCK is theirs.... Ultimately i think it comes down to behaviors. Is the "group" lous wild and reckless. Do they truly care if one person can get the other 5-50 people incarcerated by giving the police/feds a link directly back to them? As it currently sits, it seems like there are 50 to one thugs to police. Which is why so much violence and craziness happen on the server. Technically this is 2020, and the server acts like its 1920. Understanding the server is relaxed, at which point do we become overzealous and "tighten the noose" per-se or do we just allow and behavior as long as there is "some rp" happening? In my HONEST opinion, i think gangs should do the application process. Here's why. 1.) It established commitment. 2.) It places some accountability. 3.) It's going to encourage RP between rival gangs in order to set territories, repercussions and enterprising. 4.) The Leader, is just that, the leader. Typically the one that DOESN'T get his hands dirty. 5.) This will separate the thugs from the gangsters. 6.) It (can) create RP between the thugs and gangsters if the thugs are doing nonsense in their hoods bring cops in the area. The gangsters are doing Illegal activities they DAMN SURE don't want police patrolling their blocks..... On this same level, i have watch streams where people get convicted of murder, get like 200 days and a huge fine. but turn around and are running the street a few days later. This is encouraging abrupt, malicious, and deviant behavior. Make punishments a little more strict. Make the "criminal" really think about what it is they are doing and if they want to "lose" that progress for a certain amount of time. I believe this CAn add tons of RP, realism, and fun to the server.
  11. Mackenzie Houston <3

    To not have guns sit on back when not having them out

    I understand whatcha mean here man but realism is a thing the server is based on and just pulling a musket out of your pants is not very realistic. I’d suggest keeping it in the trunk of your car and people won’t even know you have it.
  12. Yesterday
  13. b e a u t i f u l v i e w

    Jamal AMG 1.png

  14. I have noticed their is more aggression towards me and more shootouts when someone sees I have my musket or shot gun on my back in a way people target people that have guns on their back because of the simple fact you can see them. The uzi is easily hidden but the bullpup shotty and musket are unhideable no matter what bag or parachute you have on your back.
  15. A4DoughBoi

    Filippio Martinez Expungement

    DOB: 07-06-1981 Wanting to expunge his whole record No Warrants on file
  16. Tabitha Knox

    Sandy Shores Ammunition (Algonquin Blvd)

    This one as well as many others, really every single store should be available to lease. It's a little strange that some are and some aren't. I've actually bought a large portion of my guns from the sandy ammunation.. it's a shame all that money goes no where.
  17. novafusion61

    Gang Gang

    yea i feel we need to go back to how it was back in paleto days where u have to sign up to make a gang and have set rules that u make for people in your gang.
  18. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Gang Gang

    @z3ned I know, I was there for it
  19. Ella

    Gang Gang

    I standby my statement of gangs need a purpose other then shooting up other gangs and people if that's all they really bring to the table maybe they need to reevaluate their set and figure out some rp, I agree that people should be more mature, should being the keyword. I think something needs to change though but recognize it's not entirely on the staff to regulate and micromanage everything they have so much to do already and it's all volunteer work, maybe we could come up with other ideas on how to reduce the gp / rp and extreme gang rp, I recall this being talked about a long time ago but how the cops and ems have training have a similar thing once a month for gangs, those trainings are fun as hell, have purp host them to remind people of rules and reignite ideas for rp and reinstall our values as a community to create realistic and immersive RP.
  20. z3ned

    Gang Gang

    @Mackenzie Houston <3 back in paleto when I first created the crips if anyone I let into my whitelisted gang did something wrong it fell back on me. It caused me to be harder on anyone I recruited because if they fucked up I was in trouble. Now you can recruit ppl who spawn in with no risk of it being on your gang.
  21. Judge Declan Taylor

    Criminal Case Template

    The following template has been imposed in order to retain structure to criminal cases. Please ensure this is used when filing, if not the case will not be approved. 1.Defendant: [e.g Miranda Right] 2.Statement of Claim: A statement containing the allegations towards the defendant, must include statements of facts supporting the charges. 3.Charges: A list of all charges the prosecution will be filing on the defendant. [e.g One count of Penal Code 148(a) - Resisting, delaying or Obsructing a Peace Officer. Two counts of Penal Code 207 - Kidnapping PC 664/187 - Attempted Murder] 4. Time and Fine: The full fine and time the prosecution will be seeking on the Defendant. [E.g $16,500 and a term of Ninety Months] 5. Witnesses: List of witnesses to the case who are requested to show. [e.g Sheriff Elliot Shaw, BCSO - Arresting Officer Sergeant Tyler Gray, BCSO - Arresting Officer Paris Argo, Civilian - Bystander] 6.Evidence: All evidence that needs to be submitted. (MUST be labelled appropriately) [e.g Exhibit 1A: Police report created regarding the event Exhibit 1B: Sergeant Gray's Body-cam Footage.
  22. Mackenzie Houston <3

    Gang Gang

    Even if there was an application for it what would the stipulations be? Now that the gang discord roles are gone is there really a need for a recognized app? I agree, there are a lot of things going on involving “fake gangs” that are breaking rules or also being toxic, but we shouldn’t stop people from forming a “gang” imo. For instance, I really enjoy rping with a friend, we form a group and have other people we enjoy being around join us. That might not be a “gang” but it’s a group that does things and makes money together. A gang doesn’t have to be illegal, it’s just that most are lol.
  23. Guest

    RP injuries

    I’ve been following the basic, if I’m incapacitated, this means I am unconscious. Unconscious means I can’t freaking talk. So using the /me (describe injuries), give the visible affirmation of injuries, without breaking character. Once the EMT/LEO revives you, THEN you can tell them, what hurts.
  24. Hey, I've noticed that unlike the other Ammunitions. One in Sandy Shores, on Algonquin Blvd is has no cash register where one could lease / rob it. I hope this could be changed to match the rest. as I do desire it's ownership.
  25. Raven

    Whitelisted Mechanics POLL

    waiting until 2024 so it's legal hahaha
  26. Judge Declan Taylor

    Gang Gang

    I never usually respond to suggestions anymore but this one is interesting. The gang "application" prior to 2.0 was to be recognised as a gang more appropriately, you'd get a discord role and channel, you were still able to be a gang even without. If we introduce a strict gang application then that is when others are telling people how to roleplay appropriately and people thinking that they are superior because they are registered. It is also hard to define a gang, I know many people who are in a group of people but don't consider themselves as in a gang. I don't even consider The Family as a gang anymore it is just something we are and always will be. Also the GP/RP won't decrease even if an app is instituted, the gang rp will but not the gun play. But I digress, my main point is that we do not need a formal application for everything and we don't need staff to have to review everything because it just causes more issues than it's worth. We don't need to be told when and how to rp at every given moment, I'd like to think most people are more mature than that.
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