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  1. Today
  2. Aloox

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Clay Taylor Unit-number: 214 When you are leaving: 6-26-19 When you are coming back: 7-1-19 Reason: Just need to take a break for a little.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Sneezy | Declan Taylor

    Expungement and Suspension Lift Request for Tim Dunkley.

  5. Ash


    Everyone up to this comment has been added.
  6. Monkey03

    Ollie Pettersson Expungement Of Charges

    APPROVED. Mr. Pettersson has served his community as a police officer and made charitable donations to those in need. I see this as a man who is reformed. He has not been arrested in over 4 months which is a clear indication of rehabilitation. Regards, Judge Matthew Dixon.
  7. -Photo identification | https://gyazo.com/f7a325c12f9e3f125c4e246149d2b57a -At least 2 weeks clean if getting arrested | https://gyazo.com/0487f243402451aef0c65d1886b7eb4b -No outstanding warrants [Insert Picture] | You can check the MDT for proof for no outstanding warrants -Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community | Ollie has provided services by selling door to door and donated the money he earned from the job he donated to orphans so they could have Christmas gifts. (STEAM COMMUNITY LINK) https://steamcommunity.com/id/walking-talking-stephen-hawking/ Luke Raymond and Dave Raymond
  8. Monkey03

    Angelina Blake Expungment Of Charges

    Approved. Ms. Blake has been clean for 6 months which shows me that she is rehabilitated. Regards, Judge Matthew Dixon.
  9. -Photo identification | -At least 2 weeks clean if getting arrested | -No outstanding warrants | No warrant are outstanding you can look up her name in the MDT for proof. -Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community | She cleaned the Mission Row Police Station with one of the troopers Melba Huckleberry. Melba can witness and back this statement up. (Steam Community Link) | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198149774850/ Luke Raymond and Dave Raymond
  10. you were wrong for what you did

  11. @Kodak I will need your client's steam id
  12. Last week
  13. Aidan Biden

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    Case dismissed without prejudice
  14. nyasuu

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    Hello, per everyone's best interest, me and my client wish to refile this case as the date cannot change, and we'd like to see everyone who needs to be there. Heidi.
  15. Jones


  16. Whos excited for the new city?? going to so awesome I love the community and server so much!


  17. Dear @Raddiation, Your certification request for your CVPI and Pistol has been approved. Please get in contact with a certified FTO in order to get you trained for this certification.  -Sergeant Chris P. Bacon
  18. Name: Landon Whitaker Employee Number (CO Number): 264 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle and Pistol Reason for Request: Training completed Available Times: 6/22/19 - 6/24/19
  19. Sneezy | Declan Taylor

    The people Versus Dan Lopez

    Motion to add witnesses to this case: Trooper Michael Houston. Trooper Nick Tran.
  20. Jon Matthews

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Oliver Brooks Unit-number: U- 111 When you are leaving: June 22 When you are coming back:July 3rd or 4th Reason: Going on vacation
  21. Deadringer.

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: Jackson&Taylor Clark Character Name: Jackson Clark and Taylor Clark
  22. Skura90

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Dan Green Unit-number: U-128 When you are leaving: Today When you are coming back: 1-2 Weeks Reason: New job - going to be more busy than I thought these next couple weeks. (I'll be popping on from time to time still for small shifts) Will return and be on each night after adjusted to new routine.
  23. capablemango

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Vadim Vasiliev Unit-number: 116 When you are leaving: 6-23-19 When you are coming back: 7-18-19 Reason: Study abroad
  24. Logan_Storm


    I would like to be added, please and thank you
  25. goblinlord


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