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    I ❤️ You.

    You are the only person who

    calms my crazy ass down

    Enough to remember

    who I am.

    Who we are.

    #DreamTeam #YesBby #RelatiionshipGoals




  3. Matthew Home

    Leon Luciano wants to buy a mansion in Richman

    mate there a circle at it DONT PAY FOR IT some one Own it
  4. Yesterday
  5. Leonpaul02

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Leon Luciano - Donator / Sponsor Antonio Montana - Possibly Security
  6. BX_Juaco

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Juaco- Fighter
  7. I told u my dude ……..u not taking my Buns...……..Now what to do with the body 😨 

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_16_2018 5_49_20 PM.png

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_16_2018 5_50_08 PM.png

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_16_2018 5_49_49 PM.png

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_16_2018 5_52_27 PM.png

    1. Leonpaul02


      Eat the body, have no regrets 

    2. BX_Juaco
  8. Mandalor

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Character name - fighter/spectator/ems&bcso/security etc.
  9. Mandalor

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]

    Clarification of FFC Rules: 1. No Weapons - They will be removed on arrival 2. No Running punches - One warning only 3. No Bigfoot sign-ups - Just don't 4. No late Sign-ups/Arrivals - No sign-ups after 8:30pm GMT; Fighters listed but delayed at airport can still join but won't fight once 2nd rounds start. 5. All Gov rules are enforced - Including but not limited to: RDM, FAILRP, POWERGAMING, METAGAMING. People found to have broken the rules will be banned from fighting for one month ON TOP of any other Gov action. By Order FFC Management Team.
  10. MrParadoxHD

    Cats of USARRP

  11. Matthew Home

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    matthew Home - Racer
  12. Mandalor

    BCSO Training Event

    Cobra might be there!!
  13. Leonpaul02

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Yes yes big man, I bet you can’t race as fast as me
  14. Pepe Jimbo

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Pepe Tom Jimbo - Racer
  15. Jones

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Robert Jones - Racer
  16. Joel Frat

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    James Frat - Racer
  17. Terry Jenkins

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Terry Jenkins- crackhead Evil Kenevil/racer
  18. Sean Ellis Snyder🍑

    Cats of USARRP

  19. BX_Juaco

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Juaco- Racer 😮 whoop whoop
  20. This car is out of this World...…….👽  

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_16_2018 12_28_26 PM.png

  21. Please Rimka give me one more chance I promise i wont mess up


  22. Leonpaul02

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    More discussion between our organisations coming together
  23. Leonpaul02

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    Taking a ride to the scrapyard
  24. Leonpaul02

    Luciano Adventures On USA

    Meeting at my mansion, Two illegal organisations
  25. Working as a CO has it's challenges. For one, the inmates aren't always 'calm' when they arrive. 

    I'm working on looking 'tougher' and more 'intimidating' - I don't think it is working !

    But the postives outweigh the negatives for me.

    I get to make a change in the lives of people I may never have met before. People with histories rich in emotions.


    Today I met Thomas. HIs story moved me to tears. He was a humble man, obliging to the 'extra mile' requirements from Judge Stanbridge in order to get his Driving Licence back. ( @Mandalor )


    Many thinks the Judge corrupt because of his history ... But he cares about our community as much as I do, and when he asked me if I'd help out with Thomas - show him around and give him a chance to action his words of being willing to serve the community- I didn't refuse. In fact, I jumped at the opportunity.


    Thomas did great, Judge Standbridge gave him his licence back ... and the Inmates' food was prepared, their cells cleaned and the bathroom ... well they can clean that shit themselves.

    Remember tho, when the inmates are sleeping, the CO's jobs don't end there.

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️













    1. Thomas Orton

      Thomas Orton

      It was a great experience to meet and wonderful CO.  Hope everyting is okey at the Department of Corrections. See you around :)

  26. 20150531154144033.thumb.JPEG.28eb6a1a78c72cb9ee1e150a9035e8c0.JPEGCobra!!! ssssss...

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