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  2. Just to add more to the discord if people enjoyed a RP scenario with some people or one person they can comment there with their discords so they know.
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  4. Tora Uzu

    List of Car speeds/

    Yeah I get what you mean with people abusing the fast cars for crimes and stuff. But then again aren't most of the cars fucked up anyways lol a rust bucket can go faster than my super car. If anything they should just tweak the cars or make the fastest cars in the city cost a bit more.
  5. ElementL

    List of Car speeds/

    I do like the idea of having a list of car stats, though I also feel like it would be too easily abused. For example, once everyone found out about how OP the Neon was, lots of crims only went for that one car because of it's stats and price. It isn't difficult to ask someone IC about their car stats and whatnot. A spreadsheet with all the vehicle info would definitely make the best affordable vehicle meta to use (not metagaming, meta as in the most optimal choice).
  6. Tora Uzu

    List of Car speeds/

    The city should really list the car speeds so we don't waste money. I get that people say "find out about it in character". But is that even realistic? To buy every car and drive it? Or find someone driving the rare car that you want? I don't think so. IRL we can simply google these things. No way in hell I would buy a car for hundreds of thousands without doing research on it irl so why should the city be any different. IRL I would literally know within minutes by googling how fast a certain car would go. Same goes for how much top speed actually adds per car. Considering I bought top speed for the banshee and it didn't even increase the speed not sure if its a bug or a bad feature. We should know if it adds an integer or a percent to the top speed when we upgrade. Meaning a whole number or a percent increase of the stock top speed. Because again I would be able to learn these things through google when shopping for a car IRL. Just thought I would throw this out there for others to consider since I wasted 170k total due to not knowing that the banshee's top speed doesn't increase which was the whole reason I bought the car (You can look at my refund request for top speed if you want more details)
  7. Yesterday
  8. Tora Uzu

    Top speed bug?

    This is a bug or either a very poor feature. I bought top speed for my Banshee that goes 131 stock and it didn't increase the speed and now it actually feels slower. Lost 18k... plus the 150k for the car itself with upgrades... Now its a total waste of money since I got it only for the top speed upgrade to 160-180 Refund request posted here with more screenshots More info on this vid in refund request. Basically I test it before top speed upgrade and after and it performs worse and goes slower.
  9. Jax Ryder

    Firearm License

    Is this your first time buying one? Did you have one that was previously suspended?
  11. SalJohnson

    Firearm License

    Its not letting me buy a firearms license. I have the 7k in my bank and in my wallet.
  12. Criminals 🤢


  13. So I have been flying a lot lately because I like flying and I am good at it. The salary is now $600-650 per 15min flight. If I would compare with Burgershot's $800 salary, piloting is way harder, so also should get paid more. Besides the air traffic is very quiet, If people would get paid more, I would hear people over the radio and see more pilots flying around on the horizon and that will make it more fun. I think Flight Officer Junior should just have the $600 salary since the pilot is new and has to know the basics. But I think Flight Officer (2nd rank) should have $3000-3250 per flight depending on how far the flight is. or Pilots could get paid $500 more every Pilot Rank, it motivates people to keep flying. I think pilots should get paid a lot because piloting is one of the hardest things to do. I think that people will be more motivated to fly and have a more fun experience for people that like flying. Thank you for reading, Winttrs
  14. Mephistophilis

    Rodeo Law | Alex Taylor v Jacob Charleton

    Please see below Subpoena request: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cnb_RjUmwzt5H0-sN2vP39fVLeATF6bIVJoU8bv-kn8/edit
  15. roiice

    Emote Keybinds

    In the recent new emote menu, there's a 'Favorite' emote section where as I would assume it lets you bind one of your favorite emote out of the 300+ emotes, but this function was either disabled or it just simply doesn't work. Thus, I would feel it would be super helpful to have keybind emotes as it would be more convenient than having to type it out or scrolling through the emote menu.
  16. Name: Alfred Dillion Blount Date of Birth: 1991-01-24 Photo ID: attached below Last arrest :7/17/2020 No Active Warrants Mr. Blount has been working with the tow company since his last arrest. He has been staying out of trouble and wishes to continue staying out of trouble with law enforcement. He has served his CS time which has been submitted. Mr. Blount understand the wait process for a judge to come into the city and will wait patiently. He is also open to setting up a meet time with a judge. Community service: attached below
  17. Oh, and before anybody tries to say it: No, walking alone down a freeway at a snail's pace and checking the phone to see if there's a mechanic available every few minutes do not constitute RP.
  18. I just pushed a car a mile or three (whatever about ten minutes of pushing gets you) down the freeway to an auto repair place, only to discover that I can't repair it, because the prompt doesn't show unless you're in a car. Not a single mechanic is clocked in (somehow, in a city this size). This isn't a problem I should be having, but here we are. It wouldn't be so bad (it would still be QUITE BAD to have to push a car that far because no mechanics -- the job must not be compelling enough, so people only clock in when they want to grind up their repair count so they can do top speed modification) if I could get into the car to have the repair shop fix it, but I'd still rather have had a mechanic actually clocked in and have been able to help out in like half the time.
  19. TravisTaps

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    NOTE: * If you need somewhere to stick / create google files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Cyi5ixg3-SNtOQqiQs2TfTRi-S_0E2N-?usp=sharing (feel free to create case specific folders as this will be helpful for both parties) * There is also a subpeona generator if you want to use it: https://forms.gle/bwki5VtRpcUkBYfs6
  20. I Brock Chu submit this documentation for Klaes Jöran Johansson https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EpAghktV2N4rZNWlHABfnx_M67YAxDPt3qG4_9rC-_4/edit
  21. TravisTaps

    Rodeo Law | Alex Taylor v Jacob Charleton

    SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF SAN ANDREAS FOR THE COUNTY OF BLAINE COURTROOM 1 TBD JUDGE Alex Taylor Plaintiff, VS. Jacob Charleton, Defendant. ___________________________________ NO. 8062020001 DOCKETED TO APPEAR This case is docketed to appear before the court on 13 AUGUST 2020 at 2100 CDT. Both parties are now open / subject to discovery until 24 hrs prior to court date. Motions will be taken in regards to this case up to 1 hour preceding the scheduled time and date. @Country / @Mephistophilis
  22. Mr. Alex Taylor (Plaintiff) v. Capt. Jacob Charleton (Defendant) Civil Complaint: Plaintiff, Alex Taylor by and through his undersigned attorneys, submits the following as and for his complaint in the above-captioned action. I. Preliminary Statement of Claim: The plaintiff was arrested following a incident on 5th August, 2020 (approximately 13:50 PT) near Burgershot on San Andreas Ave. Preceding this arrest the Plaintiff was robbed by Capt. Jacob Charleton who attempted to leave the scene. Upon seeing Capt. Jacob Charleton again (who was at this point was in the company of Dept. James Reed) the plaintiff used minimal force to attempt to stop Capt. Charleton and confront him about the earlier incident. Upon doing this the plaintiff was attacked unduly by Dept. James Reed, resulting in an additional scuffle. During this scuffle Dept. Reed was unexpected incapacitated by the plaintiff who was defending himself, which resulted in Capt. Jacob Charleton discharging a tazer negligently multiple times into the plaintiff. The plaintiff was then taken into custody by Capt. Jacob Charleton without having the tazer prongs removed and sentenced with trumped up charges due to the officers' frustration with the incident. III. General Allegations: The officers involved in the pursuit used unnecessary force to stop the plaintiff. The officers did provide mandatory post-tazer discharge medical assistance to the plaintiff. The plaintiff was robbed by a member of the BCSO. The officers' actions mounted to negligence of a detained suspect. IV. First Cause of Action: The plaintiff suffered emotional and physical damages due to the defendant’s actions in excess of $20,000. V. Second Cause of Action: The plaintiff's was robbed by an officer using their position to "get away" with a criminal offense. On Plaintiff’s First Cause of Action, the suffering and damages are presented and the damages are at a value of $20,000. On Plaintiff’s Second Cause of Action, damages presented are caused by the defendant and are in the excess value of $50,000. Reasonable costs, disbursements and attorney's’ fees and; Such other punitive damages and further relief as may seem equitable to the Court.
  23. kagemwf

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    Weekends are good for me as well I will speak to my client to check their availability.
  24. I humbly offer the court a business proposal from my client. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MfA5XjBJvJOHKZDghGUYXf-6HFkAUJb4ZTScRW1sLMw/edit
  25. Mephistophilis

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    Thank you Your Honor, and I will endevour to use google docs from now on. My availability is most open on the weekends (8th and 9th) most of the day (preferably before 10pm EST), but I am available generally throughout most of these days.
  26. I will be moving to deny the Defence’s motion to quash, I will move to approve the Plaintiff’s subpoenas. Can both parties also inform me of their availability for the dates 8th Aug-14th Aug?
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