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USA Realism is now a full-blown whitelisted server, this means the highest quality of roleplay possible. Make sure you get yourself signed up to the whitelist to join in on the fun.
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We want you for the American Medical Response team

Looking for an exciting and challenging career? Want to make a difference in your community? The American Medical Response team saves lives, you can too.
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Join the Sheriff's Office

If you have ever considered a career in law enforcement or detentions, this is the time to act. The Blaine County Sheriff’s Department is seeking to hire an unprecedented number of employees in the coming months. Expansion in both patrol operations and detentions is creating exciting opportunities for good men and women interested in becoming part of the winning team.
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Start a Gang or Organization

Let the competition know that you mean business by becoming a fully fledged Gang/Organization. Show others you're the real deal.
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  • 10 March 2018 07:00 AM     07:15 AM

    The USA Realism Staff Team would like to announce,
    This will be the switch over time for the server whitelist it shall happen around this time might not be exactly on the time stated. The server could be down for several minutes while we switch a few things around server side please be patient for the new world to arrive.
    Thank you for your trust.

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