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Welcome to the official USA Realism RP white list application.


Its purpose is to reward people who are good at developing stories, creating good RP and creativity and such with perks like skipping to the front of any queues there may be.


We expect you to put thought into each question and provide lengthy, detailed answers. Please write answers with a minimum of 4 sentences each and make sure you correct any grammatical errors.


Please take your time on each question in order to have a better chance of being accepted. If you think a question is ambiguous in anyway, please message a staff member.

  • Name#0000

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/yourid

  • Please link the URL here

  • Your age outside of RP

  • This is so we know you know where to go to read them to make sure there are no future problems!

  • Sometimes referred to as "Source SDK" by steam clients

  • Explain one or more things you like about role playing.

  • Provide detail of one or more of your characters' background.

  • Provide detail of your characters' life aspirations

  • Assuming your application is accepted

  • Use as much detail as you can

  • Include as much detail as possible

  • To this question there is no correct answer it is just what this means to you.
  • by checking this box you agree you understand
  • by checking this box you agree you understand
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