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    • Plaintiff: Luke NewMaker (Represented by Michael Davids of ShutTheFuckUp Firm) Defendant: San Andreas State Police, Arresting Officer Nicholas Coleman ( @TheFoxInWinter )   I: Claims Mr. NewMaker was charged with the following: PC 487(d) | VC 2800.2 (Grand Theft Auto | Fleeing recklessly from Law Enforcement in a vehicle) Mr. NewMaker claims that he was not the driver of the now knowingly stolen vehicle and that the officer(s) would not be able to prove that he was the driver, simply due to the fact that he wasn't. Since he was not the driver, he could not have been fleeing in the in the vehicle if he was in the passenger seat, visibly sticking his hands up out of the window (surrendering). My client had believed that he was going to be wrongfully arrested and had felt that it would be better to get out of the situation and was told by the driver of the stolen vehicle to run. My client then surrendered after running over 1/2 of a mile near the Quarry on Senora Rd. There was zero evidence that Mr. NewMaker had stolen the vehicle as, again, he simply didn't. II: Relief- The charges above resulted in my client receiving a Driver's License Suspension for a 6 day time period. Though it may not seem like a very big deal, Mr. NewMaker works as a delivery driver and takes his job VERY seriously. My client requests a total of $500,000 in compensation for: The time spent in prison that resulted in the loss of some of his personal possessions due to debt, the $16,000 fine, and the money that would be made during the duration of the license suspension and afterward as the chance of Mr. NewMaker getting a job as a delivery driver with these charges on his record are non-existent, which would be a defamation of character.  III: Representation- Michael Davids ( @MichaelMotorcycl ) will be representing Luke NewMaker ( @Kazoo.it ) IV: Evidence- There is no evidence to be presented from our party, though we'd like to see what evidence that defendant can present.
    • Name:Turismo R Model: super Issue: It's 2.8 MILLION and it goes 120 mph ish, i got cars for 60k thats faster, its a bit hmmm dumb.
    • Sherrif -- good. Polce2 -- The grip should be increased, mainly for launching. It is constant wheel spin which doesn't make sense with its lack of power. Police7 -- good. Wheelies --      I only have two muscles, the Vapid Hustler and the Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom w/hydraulics (Wheelies seem to only have gotten worse for both.)      Although... I kinda like the wheelies and don't mind them but (especially for the Hustler) they should be decreased but not totally gotten rid of 
    • Name: Pegassi Vacca Model: Super Issue: Way too slow, dont remember the exact speed but mine is maxed and still slow.
    • Name: Truffade Adder Model: Super Issue: Max is like 130, but after fully upgrading it, it feels like the speed got decreased.
    • Name: Grotti Turismo R Model: Super Issue: Goes max around 125 fully maxed out 
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