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    • Hi, I think the robbing mechanic for stores may be broken some how. Every time I try to rob a store, it says "No money found" or something along those lines. This has happened several times, for several hours. I have even attempted to rob the closest stores to Legion Square, Out towards Paleto Bay, and everywhere in between, but no avail. I thought it may have been because there were no cops online, so I waited a while for some to come on. I tried again, nothing. Another idea I had would be that its actually player money that Im robbing, so thats why I tried to rob the stores closest to Legion, but still the same results. It doesnt make any sense to me, because Ive bought food and drink from a store, and attempted to rob it right after, but still nothing. Hope something can get done soon.
    • Served from 2012-2017. Joined the 75th Ranger Regiment after BCT/AIT/Airborne. Was a 25B, but was reclassed to 25C (Radio Operator/Maintainer) when I joined the regiment. Got out to take care of my grandma in Chicago, where I'm currently attending school to become a secondary English teacher. Got out as an E-5 with Airborne, Air Assault, and Halo wings. Met good friends and men. RLTW.
    • I just want to actually thank the community for being so welcoming. I really enjoy the interactions my character has with you guys and I hope you share the same point of view. But since I've joined this server I am stuck, addicted, and obsessed. I absolutely love RPing with you guys and look forward to future interactions as well. So this is more like a thank you to everyone who I have been regularly developing my toon around and thanks to the people who moderate it and created this community. It's awesome, so keep up the good work, and I will see you in LS! 
    • I was in the US Army back in 2008 till abouts 2012  was a 19k. ended up as a reserve most of the time but taught me alot:) was at fort Knox and Hood as well as reserve up in AR. my active was 3rd ACR but I got injured so that was short lived:/ still was a neat experience that I probably wont repeat:P
    • So,  @Hoshi In regards to your DOJ suggestions, I do agree.   I would like to see more things to do with the judicial system and we did have HUT before where a player can request, but it was removed due to the DA situation.   Hopefully bail can become a thing, but I hear your suggestions and I'll bring it up.
    • Department of Justice: The current state of the server is that too much power lies in the hands of the police station. I have seen too many cases where players have requested an attorney, but then are immediately processed, fined, and jailed. They should be able to have enough time to talk to an attorney, create a case for a reduced sentence or bail amount, and then proceed as it should be done. Every single lawyer is having to deal with situations AFTER the sentence has already been carried out. There are some police officers that use excessive force, have no understanding of self-control, and are completely ignorant of trigger control or escalation of force. I saw someone simply walking outside the police station and an officer pulled first a taser out, then her weapon after the player did not respond within 5 seconds of her yelling at him to get on the ground. The player was released after he was put in a cell - he did nothing wrong. There should be representation BEFORE punishments are given AND consequences for deserving actions that police officers commit. 

      If there can be a waiting period before a player is allowed to be fined or jailed to allow them to actually represent themselves or have their attorney represent them, that would be amazing and player's willingness to donate to the server will most likely increase. As it is right now, players are heavily fined and their licenses revoked for too long - I'm sure that when creating the law handbook, representation of the individual to decrease the fine/sentence were kept in mind. Allow players to properly punish/be punished through the judicial system. If there is no judge to rule, then their hearing will be postponed until a judge can hear both the prosecution and defense of the case and rule the player's sentence.   Department of Aviation: Creating more ranks to climb the aviation job would be beneficial and rewarding to those who enjoy this method of making money. Raise the minimum payment and maximum payment marginally.   An average flight is around 8 minutes long - from Takeoff to Mission End.  Players with 250 flights under their belt (Roughly 33 hours of pure flying) - should attain the rank "Flight Instructor"  Players with 250 flights under their belt and would like to be a part of the DOJ should be given the rank "Air Marshal"   The Flight Instructor rank would allow players to issue pilot licenses - Teaching players how to properly use the taxi'ing system, ramp system, and proper cruising altitude (I can give more detailed information as to the taxi/ramp system and I think that cruising altitude should be 2,500 feet for aircraft with jet-engines, and 2,000 feet for aircraft powered by propeller. After "x" amount of flights with the Flight Instructor, a player may purchase a pilot's license off of the Instructor. The instructor may charge the player what he/she thinks is fair, depending on how much time the requesting player takes. (The license from the NPC costs $5,000, so I'd assume around $2,000 is what the instructor would charge).   The Air Marshal rank would serve as an extension of the DOJ, working out of LSIA. The Air Marshal would have access to a long rifle and the power to revoke pilot licenses. Ensuring that correct air procedures are being performed and narcotics are not being transported via airways would be the primary function of the Air Marshal. Patrolling the airfields/airways of the island to keep the airports clear of congestion (such as broken planes/players who spawn planes then leave) would be secondary. Additionally, titles can be given to EMS players who successfully clear and perform their duties through rotary (helicopter) training. This could separate and distinguish determined and exceptional personnel in the EMS field.

      ^ Side note: There are players who do transfer narcotics by using air travel, and plenty of players who think it's fun to get as close to buildings and the ground as possible.
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