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    • I do, don't have a choice.  But what would you do in real life?  If you're selling drugs and a cop lights you up, will you leisurely finish handing off the drugs?  Or drop everything and run?  (Assuming you're going to run)   It should just cancel the transaction, not chain your vehicle to the buyer..
    • Sure this may be a glitch, but I'm pretty sure you should be waiting out that full handing off animation instead of getting on your bike the second the animation starts.
    • Not sure if it's all bikes, but when selling weed and getting on a hakuchou drag, it completely glitches out.  Have to wait out the entire animation or get on the bike -> get off -> get on again.  Here are 2 back to back clips, it happens 100% of the time.    
    • Also for anyone interested as to what the video is, here:   
    • Hey everyone, this is my first post here, not sure if I'm posting in the right place here, or if this section is for role play intent purposes, but I need help finding someone that I played with on the public server.   On September 7th 2019, I played (and streamed) myself playing on the public USARRP server. I found someone that ended up being really funny to play with, and I decided to make a video out of it where I spent a few months re-making the scenes of what happened on stream into a cinematic. The video mainly revolved around that one specific person that I met, and I think it would be a real shame if time flew by without him at least knowing about it. Before I could get his steam or discord or anything like that, he ended up crashing and we never saw each other again. Just being able to get hold of him through steam would be more than enough to contact him again.   Luckily I saved the stream from back then, so I have some details that might help me find out how I can potentially get in contact with him. If anyone at all could please please help me find out who this person is or if someone could suggest a way to find out who he is that would make me so so happy, I seriously want him to know at least that this video exists.   Below are some details that I have no idea if they would help or not:   Name: Saul Rosenberg (I think that's the correct spelling, but it does sound how it reads out loud) SSN 528 (When we exchanged phone numbers, his "SSN" was 528 if that means anything) His phone number in game: 67879168 Date played: September 7th 2019   I'm not sure if this would be enough to at least get in contact with him once again, but if there's something that would help that I should go looking for please let me know.   Thanks everyone. 🙂
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