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If you have ever considered a career in law enforcement or detentions, this is the time to act. The San Andreas State Police is seeking to hire an unprecedented number of employees in the coming months. Expansion in both patrol operations and detentions is creating exciting opportunities for good men and women interested in becoming part of the winning team.
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    • Trouthead169

      Gosh I love USA! super stoked for the future and what will come!
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    • Lionn

      Having a blast out here boys @Dreemwalker @Hank "Alpha" Row

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    • Stopdropnlol

      !~~Missed out~~! on alot of events... sadness..
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    • Trouthead169

      sure excited to pack up and move to the new city!
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    • U-218 Micheal Houston

      Shawn jr. Diary, page --- Last Entry.
      My 18th birthday is coming up! finally, i have waited too long to move to Los Santos. After my dad died there I need to learn his full story. Mom just says that he died of a heart attack and she had a life insurance policy on him. But after my research I have discovered just how much more there must have been to the story... -I mean, nobody just has a heart attack and is discovered in a hill of pig shit right?- no no, i think, wait, I KNOW that there was more to it. I just can put my finger on it. once i turn 18 im getting out of this shithole, Man, Liberty city is so trashy. I need to find out what really happened. I wonder if any of his old friends are still in town. only time will tell me. My most recent sales of Weed here havent gone so well. its legal in LS so maybe ill have an easier time. **oh jesus, those weird labcoat humane guys are back** what do they want with my mo-
      The page ends here, with pen ink sliding down to the bottom of the page

      @Trash Queen @Hank "Alpha" Row @Ronnie Smith
      The return of carnale?
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    • 2019-05-21 around 14:30 (GMT - 4) the server crashed and i was picking out meth from my house with my friend and we put in 2 mules that we didint own but we had the keys. i had around 120-130 meth in the vehicle when the server crashed, looking for a refund on it since it was all my money.  Discord Name: Zeb#3037
    • Just now, me and my friend was gonna sell all our meth that we had harvested. I had 132 meth, i put it in another persons vehicle. The person who had the vehicle was the guy who owned the house before me, i took out her Mule3 and put in the 132 meth and then the server crashed, I dont know how or if you can see that it's true but i can swear to you, i did harvest 132 meth and it's pretty annoying that at the exact moment i put in the items in that vehicle the server restarted... Would appreciate some help!

      2019/05/21 11:30 the server crashed
    • Name: Ruby Wilson P-Number: P-305
      When are you leaving: 5/20/19
      When do you plan to return: Unknown
      Reason(s): Personal issues that I would like to remain private
    • I have been serving now a little over 21 years.  Ill be done in a little under five i am assuming.  Air Force.... And yes I am old lol...well relatively compared.  Keep rocking and thank you to the rest of you for your service
    • Name: Nicholas Patrick Coleman Unit-number: [U-101] When you are leaving: 05/20/19 When you are coming back: Projected: 05/30/19 Reason: RP has been stressing me out a little too much lately, I'd like to take this time to distance myself from undue anxiety
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