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    • SirenMother

      TEXT RP:
      Kirsten smiled brightly as she strolled across Paleto beach. She carried her shoes in her hands as her feet and toes sunk into the warm sand. Her long, brunette hair was blown as the wind grazed against it. She was at peace for the time being, her past behind her just in this moment. No thoughts about Mexico. No thoughts about her deceased parents. No thoughts about her deceased son, taken away from her too soon.
      She took in a deep breath as she continued to walk across the sand, the waves kissing her feet every time they rolled up towards the shore. Kirsten then moved more up shore, away from the tide and sat down on the sand. She gazed into the sunset, the radiance of light shone across her face, making her sky blue eyes look exaggerated. She placed her hands behind her, leaning back as she watched the sun set in deep thought.
      ‘Was this really a good option? To move here of all places?’ She breathed in heavily before exhaling out all the negativity she was thinking and shook her mind from it.
      Kirsten pushed up to her feet from the sand and made her way across the beach once more, back to her car. She unlocked her car, sat in the drivers seat and put her shoes back on. She then put the key into the ignition with her foot on the clutch. Her hand moved the shifter into first gear, turned the key to the ignition and grinned widely as the car’s engine roared with power. She eased off the clutch and put her foot on the gas as the car moved, changing gears accordingly as she drove through the country. She was on her way to her little motel room at Pink Cage before her stomach grumbled at her. Now that she thought about it, it was a good idea to stop for some gas and maybe stop by a diner in Harmony.
      As she drove south bound on Great Ocean Highway, she made threw her blinker on to make a left handed turn onto Route 68. She drove down the road, looking around for a small diner or cafe, finally finding one and pulled into the parking lot. She backed her car into a stall, put one foot on the clutch and the other on the break. She put her car in first gear once more and turned the ignition off, pulling her E-brake up. Kirsten got out of her car, locked it with the key fob and made her way to the entrance of the diner.
      Kirsten pushed the door open with her hand and the hostess greeted her with a wide smile as she spoke. “Hiya ma’am! Welcome! How many of you will there be today?” Kirsten offered a polite smile back as she replied. “It’s just going to be me today. Still fairly new to the city..” The hostess’ eyes widened in shock. “New to the city?! My, oh my! You’re in for a treat little missy! Follow me right this way!” The hostess lead Kirsten to a table in the back left corner of the small diner and Kirsten sat with her back against the wall so that she could see the door. “Thank you. Do you still serve breakfast at this hour?” The hostess giggled at her question. “Well, little miss! We serve breakfast aaalllllll day! Even at six in the evening! Your server will be with you momentarily!” The woman gave Kirsten a small wink before going back to her place at the stand, waiting to greet the next customer.
      Kirsten watched the woman briefly before opening her menu to take a look at the options. When the server came by, she ordered a coffee and a large ice water to start. She didn’t mind being here for a while, and the staff didn’t seem to mind either. Once the waitress came back and placed the water and coffee onto the table, Kirsten ordered two eggs cooked over medium with crispy hashbrowns, corned beef hash and a side of bacon. She returned the menu to the waitress, put two french vanilla creamers into her coffee and two sugar cubes in it as well before she stirred it together. Raising the mug to her lips, she blew on it softly before taking a sip and set it back down onto the table. She pressed her back into the booth as she stared out the window, her thoughts always seeming to catch up to her.. 'Welcome to the city Ms. Ivarrson. You’re going to be okay.’
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