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    • Here's the video: https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyPrettySproutPanicBasket
    • Pistol whip injuries count as gun shots??? Just found out the hard way while on EMS that getting pistol whipped creates a puncture wound from a high speed projectile.....even though you got hit with the stock of a gun. Can this be fixed please. 
    • i had a lot of plants do the same thing. I reported it but couldn't get a resolution. Mine came right after a ddos session so i wasn't sure if it was a bug or related to the dos.   
    • I just want to give some context to what happened last night...   I arrived at the city, got food, fuel etc and then went to check on my plants, yesterday was supposed to be a checking only day as they are due to be harvested today and had been fed the night before; however, when I checked the plants that were due to be harvested first their water level was at very thirsty (red). This didnt seem right but I quickly bought a watering can and watered them all, with 2 plants dying.   I thought it would be best to check on another batch of plants that were due to be harvested 3-4 hours later...in theory they should be at a similar status or not as severe as they were planted and fed later than these plants...but when I got there the status was completely different. They were not thirsty (green for water) but hungry for food (yellow),   This didnt make any sense to me, so I started to email an admin about it as either this confirms its completely random or that there is in fact a bug, when every single plant DIED at the exact same time in front of my eyes. This doesnt make any sense either as they were planted and fed over the course of 10-15mins, so why did they all die at the exact same time.   I have tried to put my points across without sounding like I am moaning because I dont mind the fact that they need to be watered/fed, I use this as RP and have prospects check on it as part of their duties, but the whole reason I do planting on this scale is so that we can do things together as a group...harvest together, process together etc as it gives us something to do...I now have absolutely no faith that this process works and have lost in excess of 350 plants since the changes were made through no fault of my own.    I am now logging in today to harvest 30 plants...300 buds approx...to be processed and sold with the profits being shared amongst 5-6 people that have spent hours planting, watering and feeding...when it should have been closer to 200 plants. I love trying to find the best of a situation but I am really struggling to see how is it possible to RP the loss of £100k's of profit...again!  
    • I had a weird issue with my plants where after every restart the status randomly changed. like it would be dead then after  a restart it would be full then randomly cycling through the stages like that so i just gave up on them.
    • To follow up to this I have another 30 plants die tonight and they changed from Not Thirsty (green) and Hungry (Yellow) to dead in front of my eyes.    This has happened literally 2-3minutes ago....   That cant be right surely?!
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