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  • Who are we?


    So you have found our website, either by accident or you were directed to come here by another member of our community, and you're just wondering "who the hell are these guys?"  Well, to answer that question, we are Grand Theft Auto V / FiveM (GTA V mod) enthusiasts and total nerds at heart. Unlike GTA V Online, FiveM and our servers are not a free-for-all, duel to the death. The genre of our community is role playing and we incorporate realism while using the GTA V game mechanics.


     What should you expect to find in our servers?


    Some of the great features you will find in our servers are a professional and friendly police force, EMS, and fire department, unique vehicles, and easy to use features. Our community offers several different jobs from taxi drivers to tow truck driving to even the more illicit jobs such as drug manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution. Our servers are an ever-evolving beast with new features being added all the time. Our developers and admins are always open to new ideas, suggestions, and thoughts to make our community that much better.


    We encourage our members to create their own play styles, stories, and to interact with each other in their own creative way. We want out members to take part in the realism and have a blast! If walking the streets as a nightwalker (prostitute) makes you happy then so be it! If you want to make it rich and run a criminal organization then power to you! Hell, if you want to drive a taxi or play as an Uber driver then fantastic! Tired of working, paying taxes, and just want to live life how you see it? Be a damn bum!


    Either way, no matter what job you choose or the life you live, we look forward to role-playing with you!





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    • Leon Luciano, was born 1979 in Naples Italy.
      Until the age of eight, Leon grew up with his Parents, Tony & Carmela Luciano, Who worked as lawyers unlike the rest of the family who were somewhat involved in Organised Crime. This means they had a decent amount of money and could put him through the best possible schools for his age, Leon passed the classes at school with flying colours.

      At the age of eight Leon had suffered a terrible loss, The death of his parents due to a car crash on their 10th anniversary. This caused Charles Luciano, Leon’s uncle who was involved in organised crime to come and look after the orphan. Leon began to bond with his uncle and soon after he forgot the tragic moment and slowly recovered mentally.
      Eventually though Charles had to leave Naples and return to Los Santos, where he ran the Luciano Mafia Family. So this meant Leon had to move also.

      Leon was trustworthy during his teen years, he was in school and still doing well. He never got bullied and though not popular in a sense, people knew who he was. So he continued excelling in his classes. Due to this he picked up skills like having a diplomatic approach on situations and thinking of all possible outcomes, as well as learning of human nature which could help him make predictions, leading to good decisions

      At the age of twenty, Leon began doing jobs for his uncle and his men. This eventually got him into trouble with the police. Charles had connections in the police and used this to test Leon in a stressful situation to find out if he cracked and told the police what they needed to know. He didn’t tell them anything and was let out of police custody due to Charles connections, which led to Leon being well respected within the organisation.
      Four years later, Leon was initiated into the organisation as a soldier. He made his collections on time and impressed others with his way of doing things. So this eventually led to him being promoted to Caporegieme. Leon liked to get his hands dirty so he also involved himself with anything if necessary.

      Late in Leon’s life, At the age of thirty five. He became boss of the Luciano Family. He has ran it successfully and made it one of the biggest organisations involved in narcotic and illegal firearms.

      Now Leon is 38 years old and slowly approaching 39. He is still the boss of the Luciano Family and is still running things successfully. He has loyal men within the organisation that respect him, but occasionally one of the men step out of line but it is corrected immediately. The operations regarding drugs and firearms are yet to be discovered by law enforcement and hopefully never will. Leon Luciano now wonders how It will all end for him, either by prison for life or death...    
    • If you are using the file in #welcome don't replace the "visualsettings.dat" you will loose pretty much all of the settings you are now using.
    • Sick of your old dim lights? In this tutorial, I'm going to explain how to fix this, with Radiance V.   First, download radiance V, or I have also released my personal settings in which I have custom edited. Radiance (By- BxBuggs123)- https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9357-radiance-v/ My Personal Settings- http://www.mediafire.com/file/ldh48twv66n44cl/Personal_Visual_Settings.rar/file If you choose radiance V, I would go with the very bright setting.   Inside these files, you will find a "visualsettings.dat", place this DAT file inside your FiveM Application Folder (found where you installed FiveM) After you have found your FiveM Application Data, go to following place-  FiveM Application Data >> citizen >> common >> data Inside the data folder, simply drag and drop the visual settings, and you're done!   Known complications- Doesn't work well with the Natural Vision Remastered addon for FiveM.
    • Unsure about going in the prison for Memorial 
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