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We want you for the American Medical Response team

Looking for an exciting and challenging career? Want to make a difference in your community? The American Medical Response team saves lives, you can too.
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Join the State Police

If you have ever considered a career in law enforcement or detentions, this is the time to act. The San Andreas State Police is seeking to hire an unprecedented number of employees in the coming months. Expansion in both patrol operations and detentions is creating exciting opportunities for good men and women interested in becoming part of the winning team.
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Start a Gang or Organization

Let the competition know that you mean business by becoming a fully fledged Gang/Organization. Show others you're the real deal.
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Department of Corrections

Are you ready to make a difference? Apply below to become a part of the great Department of Corrections team, not all criminals are criminals for life and with your help, they can become great members of society once more. All the information you need to change lives can be found below.
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  • Who are we?


    So you have found our website, either by accident or you were directed to come here by another member of our community, and you're just wondering "who the hell are these guys?"  Well, to answer that question, we are Grand Theft Auto V / FiveM (GTA V mod) enthusiasts and total nerds at heart. Unlike GTA V Online, FiveM and our servers are not a free-for-all, duel to the death. The genre of our community is role playing and we incorporate realism while using the GTA V game mechanics.


     What should you expect to find in our servers?


    Some of the great features you will find in our servers are a professional and friendly police force, EMS, and fire department, unique vehicles, and easy to use features. Our community offers several different jobs from taxi drivers to tow truck driving to even the more illicit jobs such as drug manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution. Our servers are an ever-evolving beast with new features being added all the time. Our developers and admins are always open to new ideas, suggestions, and thoughts to make our community that much better.


    We encourage our members to create their own play styles, stories, and to interact with each other in their own creative way. We want out members to take part in the realism and have a blast! If walking the streets as a nightwalker (prostitute) makes you happy then so be it! If you want to make it rich and run a criminal organization then power to you! Hell, if you want to drive a taxi or play as an Uber driver then fantastic! Tired of working, paying taxes, and just want to live life how you see it? Be a damn bum!


    Either way, no matter what job you choose or the life you live, we look forward to role-playing with you!







  • Upcoming Events

    • 22 October 2018 10:00 PM
      The Lost MC is proud to announce 'Ride or Die' rolling out this Monday, 4 pm EST! 
      Hosted by The Lost MC, you are invited to 'Ride or Die' with the Lost in a group ride, followed by a Raffle & Motorcycle show. 
      The event will take place at the Lost MC clubhouse in the city (Mirror Park) - Free food and beverages/BOOZE will be provided 
      Entry into the show is $1,500 which also gets you a raffle ticket with a chance to win a custom bike/car! 
      Non-show participants are invited to buy themselves a raffle ticket for $1,000. 
      prize money will be awarded in one category judged on the day of the Ride. 
      Best of the show/purse:  
        1st place – 100,000$ 
        2nd place – 50,000$ 
        3rd place – 25,000$ 
      The Lost Motorcycle Club is the official sponsor for this event! 
                                 LOST FOREVER! FOREVER LOST!

    • 27 October 2018 09:00 PM
      All deputies are expected to attend, those that cannot please provide appropriate reasoning to a member of command staff OR post a reply to the above calendar entry.



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